Translating outgoing email messages in Agent Workspace


  • Anton

    Yes, it would be amazing to have this feature. Only translating the incoming emails makes it almost useless.

  • Paul Riscalla

    +1 on this, it seems like a minimal change, you're already translating outbound chats/messaging, allow us to translate emails too. 

    I saw on a separate post that Zendesk felt translations are not optimized for large paragraphs of text, we find that Google Translate works just fine, at least give us the option and allow us to use it if we choose.

    Zendesk should also translate agent emails in the conversation... right now when an agent uses an outside translation tool, replies in the native language of the customer (due to the lack of the above feature) and another agent is viewing the ticket and uses the "translate" button, the agent replies are not translated. 

    Again, seems like a very minor change to just allow the full page to be translated. 

    Without these two, the translation feature is incomplete and almost useless as stated above. Very disappointing in the current state, yet so close and seemingly minimal effort to get there since other messages on the page are translated today and outbound messaging is translated today. 


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