Please implement a way to automatically create tickets on a time period


  • Bailey Whitaker-Lea
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Chris Cruz - PM for Triggers & Automations here - Thanks so much for submitting your use case! While this isn't something currently on our roadmap, I've captured this use case in our feedback tool as we consider customer needs going forward.
    There is also an opportunity to give more detailed feedback on Triggers and Automations linked here. If you are interested, we would love your input. 

  • Scott Patterson

    You can use something like a powershell script running in a monthly scheduled task with 'send-mailmessage' to send an email to your Zendesk support address on a schedule. You will need to be able to send emails via a script over like a mail relay server though, but this is one easy way to do it.


    You could also use a third party product like Zapier to create schedules 'zaps' that send emails to your Zendesk address.


    But agree - being able to do this in Zendesk would be easier and avoid having to potentially pay for other services for this.


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