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  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Community Moderator

    Hi Tagui, check this Explore recipe for Calculating the average time a ticket is in each status through its lifecycle. Additionally, you can also create a standard calculated attribute like the following, for example:

    IF AVG(Open status time (hrs)) > 24
    THEN [Ticket ID]

    If you then add this attribute to your report and exclude NULL values, you'll have all the ticket IDs where the Open status time exceeded 24 hours.

    In parallel to the Explore report, I'd also suggest creating an automation to tag tickets whenever time since pending is greater than 24 hours (or 23 hours, depending on how you prefer to have it and because of automation execution times). Especially if you'd like to identify those tickets in order to follow up on them in any way within Support.

    For more information on this, make sure to check Using the "Hours since" condition in automations and Understanding when automations run.


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