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  • Adrian Mitrea


    Regarding this mentioned limitation:

    'This query measures the time a ticket spent in a group before being moved to another group; it does not include the time a ticket spent in a group before it was solved.'

    Is there a way to adjust the formula to include also the time spent in the group that solves it? For our reporting, it is important to calculate all the time a ticket stays with a group as we have SLAs on the entire period a ticket is assigned, until resolution.

    Any advice on how to achieve this is much appreciated :)

  • Yoram Dagan



    I am trying to measure the duration between the ticket creation and the time that the agent really started to work on the ticket (not assigned to the ticket).

    I have an alternative status field that my agents are updating depending on the ticket status and to achieve what I want, I need to measure the time it took to set the field value to "In Work"

    There are a few options here:

    • Move the ticket from "New" to "In Work"
    • Move the ticket from "New" to "Open" and then to "In work"

    I have tried the following query based on one of the posts above    but I can't get any value out of it.

    Is the query correct?


    IF ([Changes - Field name]="IntStatus")
    AND ([Changes - Previous value] = "New") OR ([Changes - Previous value] = "Open")
    AND ([Changes - New value] = "In Work")
    THEN VALUE(Field changes time (min))



  • Thibaut Jahan

    Hi Yoram,

    I decided to create a ticket for you so I can look in details into your formula and query, you should receive a notification shortly about it.

    Thibaut | Customer Advocate | EMEA

  • Simon.T

    Hi Explore Community: 
      Am trying to create a report based on above instructions to determine time spent on a ticket for 2 support groups (A and B). Am facing issue of not able to display time spent in "B" support group. Screenshot for your reference:

    Scenario: The first Group A is the group whom received the ticket and escalated to Group B whom work and subsequently closed the case. I've verify the Group ID input are correct. Please advice:

    IF ([Changes - Previous value]="123") THEN "A"
    ELIF ([Changes - Previous value] ="456") THEN "B"


  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Simon,

    One limitation of this recipe is that it does not account for the time the ticket is sitting with the current group. It can only calculate the time the ticket was assigned to the previous groups (since the metric can only measure the duration when group_id value is changed). This is why you are not seeing the results for Group B in your graph – if that ticket was closed out while assigned to Group B (the current group), then you won't be able to calculate the time spent under that group using this recipe. You may need to build other custom metrics to measure the time from when a ticket was assigned to the current group until it was resolved. Sorry about this, Simon.

  • Russ Milton

    Has there been any update to allow me to view the field changes time linked to the schedule of the ticket (i.e business hours)?

  • Michael Bui

    I have a custom field that is date-based, I want to calculate from the time the ticket was created to when that field has a date entered. Essentially field change.

    This is the custom metric I'm using but I get no results

    IF ([Changes - Field name]="Installation Completed date" )
    AND ([Changes - Previous value] = NULL)
    THEN VALUE(Field changes time (min))



  • Darenne
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Michael, 

    Due to the complexity of the issue, I've created a ticket for this concern and will give you an update on the ticket ID too. 

    Thank you for your kind understanding! 


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