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  • Hillary Latham

    Hannah, you can tell individual components on your dashboard to ignore filters.  So when you add this query to a dashboard with a filter, in the query options, choose "Exclude filters" and exclude the dates.


  • Hannah Voice

    Thanks very much @..., I'm aware of that option. ūüėä

    However, I want the query to adjust based on the date range. I just want the comparison to be based on the date range I've picked, rather than hard coded as last month compared to the previous month. For example:

    • If I set "today" in the date picker, I want the comparison to be between today and yesterday
    • If I set "last week" in the date picker, I want the comparison to be between last week and the week before
    • If I set "this month" in the date picker, I want the comparison to be between this month and last month

    Essentially, I want the comparison to be the period I selected and the period immediately preceding it. I feel like this is a pretty common use case and something that is usually available in reporting software. For example, here's how it looks in Google Analytics:

    And here in Help Scout:

    Date range calculated metrics are fixed to certain dates (not actual dates, but "month" or "week" for example). It seems very cumbersome to have to create multiple queries for every possible comparison you might want (e.g. comparing by day, week, month, quarter, year), so I feel like I'm missing something. ūü§Ē


  • Hillary Latham

    Apologies - I see I misread your original post.

    I don't know of a why to do this date comparison dynamically off the same query.  Does sound like a cool feature to possibly share on the feedback channel (I will vote for it!).

    In the meantime, the only thing I could think to do is to make multiple metrics for the previous comparison periods.  There are metrics for "tickets created past 7 days" and "tickets created past 30 days".  They use the "Date range calculated metric" feature - you could make several of your own and have that relative date (week, month, quarter, etc).  You could either make these separate queries that populate "boxes" on your dashboard, but all use the date range selected, or you can add all the metrics to the same query.  I don't see a way to dynamically choose the period.  But you could have several time periods on the dashboard together show them all at once versus changing it based on the user's choice.

  • Hannah Voice

    Thanks @...! Appreciate your help. ūüôĆ

    I also worked up an alternative that I'll share here in case it's useful for anyone else. Rather than using date range calculated metrics, I created standard calculated metrics and then configured the result path calculation to show the change between weeks.


    Then, on dashboard level, I added a change metric so I can toggle between week, month, and quarter. Video here.

  • Hillary Latham

    Yes, another great alternative.  I have done something like this before to show the differences between weeks.  I haven't tried toggle between month and quarter.  If you get something working well, I encourage you to submit a recipe - I think this is a useful type of query.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Great suggestion, Hillary! 

    Hannah, if you do get a recipe figured out, here's the information on how to write it up to share with other users: 

    How to write & submit a tip for the community 

  • Brad Marshall

    I similarly would really want something like this. Insights had the capability to choose a time window of when tickets were created and it would dynamically compare it to the previous period. This was a huge time saver that makes me really sad to see Insights going away.

    Here is what Insights would do. You select the time range and it would show the percentage change from the previous period. In this case, it would compare December 2020 with November 2020.

  • Matt Farrington-Smith

    Hey everybody,

    Hannah your work here is inspirational!

    I too would very much like to show and compare my metrics to a previous period. In my case, by quarter (and dynamically to show quarter to date). How much time do I spend looking into this, or are we ultimately hampered by ZD's restrictions? Alternatively, is there a suitable App/integration that would achieve a similar result?


  • Bob C


    Is someone able to tell me how that original query at the top displays the total count and the percentage difference underneath? I can't seem to figure it out with any of the options. Thank you!

  • Ollie

    Hey Bob C

    Not sure if you've worked this out now but for anyone else its under Chart Configuration>Chart  click Show Variation.



  • Earl Garcia

    Hi Everyone,

    Would love to have Hannah's recipe.


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