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    Shlomi Cohen

    The example only talk about username password . but more relevant is the format of the username/token:password , which is not that straight forward in basic auth.

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    Dwight Bussman

    Hi Shiomi,

    I believe what you're asking about is covered by the second part of the answer which starts "If using an API-token to perform that authentication..."

    Please let me know if I'm failing to understand your comment correctly so that I can help improve this article.


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    Shlomi Cohen

    you are right , but i thought an example of such should be here as well. 

    for example for me it didn't work at the beginning just because my browser also sent the cookies and probably zendesk authenticated me through that.

    also , i started to wonder which part should be base64 encoded , eventually got  it but it was nice if it was clearer for example Authorization: Basic (base64encode(user@domain/token:token_value))


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