Using Google Groups as a support address

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  • Jeff

    When did this become unsupported?  This was how we were instructed to set up our email addresses when we first set up our account.

  • Allen Hancock

    Some recent changes to Google Groups make it harder to get this going. One issue is the enforced footer.


    Another option, which also has the benefit of not consuming a paid seat is to use Message Routing.

    Administrators of a G Suite domain can follow this link: And change the Envelope Recipient from 

    support@[your domain]  to
    support@[your zd-subdomain].zendesk com


    For those of you making the change, you'll be glad to know that this should be a painless transition, as the routing happens before the Group is hit, and you can actually remove the Group itself, if you don't want the history.



  • Jessie Schutz

    Thanks for sharing this, Allen!

  • Jeff

    Yes thanks Allen... that is very helpful.  I've got a quick question regarding that setup... there is a chance that we will be rebranding our support site from to  In the interim I have email addresses as google groups for and all forwarding to my zendesk.  I have versions of this set up for various departments, so there are emails on each domain for sales, billing, etc.  Would there be any reason not to forward >> >>  (Just thinking down the road and looking for the fewest points that will have to be updated in the event of a change.)

  • Ryan

    Hey Jeff,

    I would avoid adding extra "Jumps" in between servers and addresses if possible, and try to make the forward as direct as possible. I've seen our anti-spam service Cloudmark classify these as spam occasionally, and wouldn't want any loss of emails to occur. We've seen suspension due to mail loops with this occurring as well.

    @Allen -- Thanks for posting! This is an awesome tip in itself!



  • Jeff

    Thanks Ryan!

  • Robin Brown

    Hi Allen

    The message routing option works but when it is used zendesk doesn't send on behalf of our email server, i.e. the "via" re-appears.  I suspect this is because the original email arrives at zendesk addressed to instead of as it does when a G Suite group is used.

    Can you please confirm, and is there an option that will work with "send on behalf of" and avoid the group unsubscribe footer which Google now mandates for external group members?

  • Sean Cusick

    Hi Robin, The appearance of the "via" is a security measure on Gmail's side and can only be mitigated by steps that you or your users might take. There are a handful of factors that go into it appearing or not, adding an SPF and DKIM record for Zendesk are the only factors that can be controlled by you. Here is an article by Gmail about that feature. For any further questions you might have then you'll want to open a ticket at so that we can look at a specific ticket example. Feel free to mention this comment thread in your ticket. 


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