Understanding Zendesk Support user roles

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  • Megan Lalock

    I wanted to bring up the discussion on the amount of time this takes to update in your instance. What is the average timeframe this update takes on an account that didn't have this enabled? I started my update on 3/21 and even now on 3/24 it still hasn't finished. It would be nice to know the window we would be looking at for update time in rolling this out. 

  • Susana B.
    Zendesk Services Team

    Hi Megan! I can see that you reached out via a ticket for this issue and the problem appears to be resolved.

    Susana B.
    Customer Advocate/ San Francisco

  • Jonathan

    In explore what is difference between assignee role "agent" and requester role "agent" ? Which would be the accurate count to track licenses? 

    Why would there be inconsistencies between the agents in both? 



  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Jonathan,

    Assignee is the agent or end-user currently assigned to a ticket. Assignee is used in macros, views, automation, triggers, and reports to refer to or set the assigned agent.

    A requester is the person who made the support request. The term is used in macros, views, automation, triggers, and reports to refer to the person who generated the support request. 

    In Explore, when you say Assignee role is Agent - the ticket is assigned to an agent, while Requester role is Agent - the ticket is created by an agent but it may or may not be assigned to an agent, it could be assigned to a group or unassigned.

    When you say you are tracking licenses, are you pertaining to your agent seats? if yes, I suggest that you use assignee role agent.

    All the best!


  • Ravindra Singh

    What is the difference between end-user role and Contributor?

  • Alex
    Hello Ravindra,

    Contributors are Chat agents who have limited privileges in integrated Chat-Support accounts; for instance, Contributors can view some tickets, but cannot respond or otherwise interact with them. Contributors do not occupy an agent seat in Support unless they are manually upgraded to an agent role.
    End users (often referred to as customers) are people who generate support requests from any of the available support channels (help center, email, voice, messaging, and so on.). End users do not have access to any of the admin and agent features of Zendesk. They can only submit and track tickets and communicate with agents publicly (meaning their comments can never be private).

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