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  • David Brown

    I have an inward facing support scenario, all of my agents and end-users are employees. Since the options to add agents has moved to admin center, I can no longer add agents. Our corporate directory is synced via provisioning. I will not manually add user, as this will create a duplicate record for the same individual. It makes no sense, this move to admin center has fundamentally changed the way many features work and effectively broken them.


    Would be helpful to indicate what happens when you add a user. For example, the user receives an email, etc.

  • David Brown

    In my case I have discovered how to add users, I must search for them within Support, select the user column, access their profile, then manage in admin center. It was far easier before, and I like the fact that I could easily see the entire agent pool, end-user pool, etc. from within Support. This has not been an improvement in my use case, it is more tedious.

  • CJ Johnson

    I can't seem to find the setting for a custom role, that allows that role to add agents. All the permissions are set to allowed, but agents in the role can only add end-users.  Is there a specific permission setting that toggles this? They don't get the end-user/staff member toggle option at all when they add a user. 

  • Joyce
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi CJ,
    Only Administrators do have the ability to add new agents to the account. Creating or editing other agent or admin profiles is a permission that is available to admins but can't be assigned to agents with custom roles. 

    The complete lists of permissions that agents with custom roles can't have are available in the article Creating custom roles and assigning agents
    Hope this helps!
  • Glenn D Schexnayder

    We're using SSO with our instance of Zendesk, and when I attempt to add a team member, I get a pop-up window telling me "We do not recommend creating users manually when you have remote authentication enabled." I can't seem to find what the recommended way to create users is, however, so I was hoping you could help.

  • Dion
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hey Glenn,

    This error message is just a reminder in case you have integrations set up between Zendesk and other platforms or services that utilize some sort of data sync or authentication. You should still be able to add end users/staff members, however, we do not have a way to remove the message unless you disable the authentication.


  • Kirsten Tamura

    I have been attempting to add a new agent to my team. I created the account, but they never received the activation email, and I did not see them on the list the next day. So I thought I must not have finalized the account creation. When I tried to create the account again, it errors out and states that the email is already in use, even though I cannot access the account in any way in the Admin Center. Any ideas on how to get this fixed? I just feel stuck and need to get this staff member access ASAP.

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey Kirsten,
    In your Support account can you try searching for this agents email and select the User tab when the search results appear? Do you see a profile when you search for this and are you able to click on that profile to go directly to the agents profile page?
    Let me know!
  • Kelly Rica

    I am trying to add a "light agent" and I keep getting a pop-up Email already in use.

    How can I add him? Thank you! 

  • Greg Robinson

    Hi Kelly Rica, this means the email is already associated with an end-user, so you'll want to search for that end-user and toggle their User type to "Staff Member" and their Role to "Light Agent".  The user will be added to the default group in your account, so don't forget to assign the user to the appropriate group(s) once they are set to their new user type and role.


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