Causes for ticket suspension

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  • Philipp Krebs

    Hi Team,

    in the article it says "Please submit a ticket to Zendesk Customer Support for further assistance" to get around the automatic suspension of mass emails, however when creating a ticket the feedback is essentially that there is nothing that can be done about this. Furthermore, you link a few times, which is just an auto-responder telling me to create the ticket via chat or contact form - so I wasted my time twice!

  • Adam Strand

    Hi, quick question.

    We have a client that forwards booking confirmations to us to an internal Zendesk Email Address we set up for this specific purpose. However the emails are set so they come to us 'from' an sender email address that mirrors one we have in Zendesk so these emails all automatically go into the suspended tickets folder (as system thinks they are spam as came from an internal mail address that it recognises as ours already). Is there a way to set it some how that this doesn't happen and they don't flag as suspended tickets? For some reason we can't restore them from the suspended tickets either so they get stuck there and we can't do anything with them unless we manually copy and past them into a random email address and resend back in - which is obviously not ideal and as they are suspended the way the text displays that we copy the formatting is horrible!

  • Arno Lindroos

    Hi Adam,

    I would recommend, that you would not forward those emails as your service address as the sender. I would expect that it would fairly easy to use some other address.

    Still, if you wish to do so, have you tried Manual restore from suspended tickets (not the automatic one that would not work due the addresses)? I would expect that to work and would allow you to change the service address to another requester address.


  • Adam Strand

    Hi Arno

    Yeah tried the manual restore but this fails also. Have asked that the email address is changed but as this is at the mercy of the client making the change it's not something that is forthcoming or I can control myself sadly. 


  • Arno Lindroos

    Hi Adam,

    Just tried this in our environment, and manual restore had no problems with it. Interesting, if you are not able to do this:

    1. Select suspend ticket (dialog/window opens)
    2. Select Restore manually (new ticket opens)
    3. On the ticket select some other requester on the ticket (left column / Ticket fields) and Submit.
    4. After successful manual restore, delete the suspended ticket separately.

    This worked fine at least for me with a suspended ticket (email from service address to same service address).

    Br. Arno

  • Anton Mintsev (EMEA)

    Adam Strand Hi, It's quite a common issue. Apart from this if you receive more than 40 notifications per hour from a single sender, those will be suspended as well ( e-mail loop). If you receive >80 messages those will be hard bounced.
    Though it's not always recommended, you can add sender and receiver e-mails to allowlist to boost the limit. 

  • Степан Титлин

    Hi! We communicate with other internal services through Zendesk. What the process looks like: we send an outgoing request, creating a new ticket. After that, you immediately get an auto-response with the ticket number created in support. The ticket is sent to suspended. Further, support responds in the ticket, but it does not leave the suspended ones, and manually restoring tickets every time is not a good process. Is there a solution?

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Степан,

    I'm going to create a ticket on your behalf so our Customer Care team can look into these tickets with you. You'll receive an email shortly so feel free to reply back to that with any ticket examples you have available.



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