Managing triggers

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  • Geoff Williams

    Is there a means of exporting a database of all triggers?

  • David McKnight

    Is it possible to create a trigger that upon a certain action in one ticket, it searches for a tag in another ticket, and then updates the tag?

  • Max McDaniel

    My apologies if this was covered and I missed it...

    When following a link to a trigger in the Event history of a ticket, are we taken to the version of that trigger which fired on that Event? ... this seems like logical behavior, but I'm not 100% certain it's consistent with what we've been experiencing when auditing ticket events. 

  • J Soloviova

    GIVE ME the link to that PAGE WITH TRIGGERS SETTINGS!! You have too bad UI to guess where it is!! I am very angry right now 'cause i spent enough time to find it AN HAVE NO RESULT!! AAAAgr

  • Hege Moen

    Is there a way to find all the tickets which a trigger has been used on?
    One of our triggers has been used x amount of times according to "Usage (last 7 days)", and I need to find these tickets.

  • Tilly Martin

    Is there a way to create a trigger that only takes action when another one is deactivated? E.g to assigned a ticket

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Tilly!

    I want to make sure I understand what you're asking here...can you clarify what you mean by "deactivated"? Do you mean actually deactivated in the trigger settings? Or just that the trigger won't run on the ticket because the conditions aren't met?

  • Tilly Martin

    Hi Jessie, 

    I've sussed it out

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Glad to hear you gotten things sorted, Tilly! Thanks for letting us know.


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