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    Geoff Williams

    Is there a means of exporting a database of all triggers?

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    David McKnight

    Is it possible to create a trigger that upon a certain action in one ticket, it searches for a tag in another ticket, and then updates the tag?

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    Max McDaniel

    My apologies if this was covered and I missed it...

    When following a link to a trigger in the Event history of a ticket, are we taken to the version of that trigger which fired on that Event? ... this seems like logical behavior, but I'm not 100% certain it's consistent with what we've been experiencing when auditing ticket events. 

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    J Soloviova (Edited )

    GIVE ME the link to that PAGE WITH TRIGGERS SETTINGS!! You have too bad UI to guess where it is!! I am very angry right now 'cause i spent enough time to find it AN HAVE NO RESULT!! AAAAgr

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    Hege Moen

    Is there a way to find all the tickets which a trigger has been used on?
    One of our triggers has been used x amount of times according to "Usage (last 7 days)", and I need to find these tickets.

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