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    Debbie Bobby

    The automatic solving of tickets within some timeline arbitrarily set by Zendesk is a problem for Zendesk customers and a practice they should discontinue for all the reasons above. But beyond that, your system allows admins to create automations that would seem to allow us to extend the number of days/hours after solving that a ticket is closed. I created one that would give us 45 days after the status was set to solved before the incident was closed. I recently tried to update a ticket that had been set to solved <30 days. That's when I discovered my automation was completely meaningless, and Zendesk had systematically closed it on the 28th day.

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    Yeah I have similar thoughts as Debbie. I'm not too bothered about the hardcoded 28 day limit (Zendesk is a hosted solution, so it's your call), but it would have been nice if this was made clear in the Automations section of the dashboard. I setup a 60 day automation to close solved tickets a long time ago, thinking that this was working.

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    Johannes Schmidt Vicampo

    @Zendesk: Why don't you make the "close solved tickets after x days"-automatisation UN-deactivatable?

    Put a note in the "close solved tickets after x days"-automatisation's settings, telling the customer why the automatisation is hardcoded and that its maximum is 28 days.

    Doesn't solve the problem for a lot of customer here but would probably prevent future confusion.

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Johannes!

    That's a really good suggestion, and I know that this has been a pain point for other customers as well. I'll pass it along!

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    Niki Lentz


    Unfortunately, I just discovered this 28 day batch CLOSE that occurs and have been reading about it in these forums.

    I see that this forum seems to have dropped off in August of last year and I feel it needs to be brought back up.  

    We have been on ZenDesk for about 12 months now/  We disabled the CLOSE trigger shortly after stating because we often go back and add reporting fields to tickets so we can cull out new, pertinent metrics for our organization.  Even though the working the actual support ticket is complete we are in not DONE with it.  Because we cannot add new fields and set their values to a CLOSED ticket, we only use SOLVED.  

    I briefly looked into adding new status to our system but I was told this would throw off many of the internal automation that I did use so we adjusted our process to accommodate the system.

    It is not prudent in any way, shape or form for a tool like ZenDesk to set any arbitrary timeline when you consider something in my system CLOSED.  That is neither your role nor should it be your prerogative.  

    I completely understand setting it up as a default; however, I as an admin in my organizations ZenDesk application should be able to turn it on or off like can any other trigger.  You cannot set our business rules and you do not know how a hard rule like this impacts us.

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    Adam Fronteras

    we need to change the date to 45 days as we often need to change incidents to tasks etc for reporting purposes 28 days is to short

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    Beth Salvador (Edited )


    If tickets status are submitted as solved, will the customers receive an email with comment in it? was thinking that customers wont receive anymore update once its submitted as solved.

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Beth - 

    Apologies for the delayed response, but welcome to the Zendesk Community! 

    After a ticket has been marked as solved, a customer will still receive an email if a public reply is submitted to the ticket. They will not, of course, if an internal note is added. 

    Let us know if you have any additional questions!

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    Crystal Shuller

    Niki Lentz, 

    Did you determine that you COULD disable the close, or the batch overrides that setting? 

    Were you able to determine any sort of work around to atleast extend the number of days before it closes?

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    Nate Legakis

    It looks to me like I can extend the date before a ticket is closed in the automation.  Can I set the number of days to 60 as shown in my screenshot?  Or, is there something else that will override this automation and close tickets after 28 days?

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    Heather R

    believe the max is 30 days but I could be wrong.

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Welcome to the Community, Nate! It looks like you've been pretty active the last few weeks...we're glad you're here. :)

    Heather is pretty close to right...tickets can remain in Solved status for a maximum of 28 days before it's automatically moved to Closed, regardless of whether an Automation stipulates a longer timeframe.

    Depending on your workflow and plan level you might be able to leverage the On Hold status to keep tickets from closing before you want them to. Can you tell us more about your process?

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    Todd Eldridge (Edited )

    DISREGARD- I just realized it's in the automations, not the triggers.


    Is that condition "Ticket: hours since solved" a custom one?  I don't have that on my drop-down list.

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for the update, Todd. Glad you got it figured out!

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