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    Steven Christou

    What is the difference between suspending a user, and deleting a user? I guess should an agent who left be deleted, or suspended?

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Steven,

    Suspending a user keeps all their information in your Zendesk, but prevents them from logging in. Deleting a user removes their profile completely, although their tickets and Help Center posts will remain.

    As recommended in this article, it's best to suspend the user, rather than delete them.

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    HI There

    If I downgrade a user from Administrator to End User will this affect any help centre articles they have published?  Will these articles still be available for our end users to view and administrators to edit?

    Thanks in advance.



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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Ian! 

    Changing the user role is not going to have any impact on the articles those users have published. They'll still be available with the same view/edit permissions.

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    Justin Smith

    Looking for some advice here. I need to downgrade an agent who left us, and she has 300+ solved tickets that have yet to close. What's the best practice for getting these to a new home, while still being able to report that these tickets belonged to the exiting agent at one point, all while preventing this agent from signing into Zendesk?

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    Hi Justin!

    There are several approaches here; first thing you would want to do is suspend the profile. After that the user will no longer have access to Zendesk.

    I would suggest when you are reassigning these to another agent you could add a tag, something like - agentName_reassign - this would allow you to create an Insights report filter to report on tickets that used to be assigned to X agent. 

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    Justin Smith

    Terry, that's a perfect solution. Thanks a ton!

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    Trang Dinh

    Hi there,

    I hope that somebody can give me a hand with this. I need to downgrade some agents to End-user but before that I'm trying to give their tickets a new home by reassigning those tickets to other agents. Unfortunately, I can't reassign their closed tickets with an automation since according to Zendesk, closed tickets are archived and we can't modify them. What is the best practice in this case then?  


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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Trang - 


    Can you provide more detail about your use case? 

    It's true that you cannot make changes to a closed ticket. However, you won't lose those tickets once you downgrade those agents. They'll still show up in records and reporting. 

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    Adrian Stefan (Edited )

    Is End-User still an option in the latest Zendesk. I'm trying to downgrade before suspending:

    Update: It's not an option in the drop-down if you click Edit on the list of people, but if you go to their actual profile, it is. Leaving this post up for documentation.

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    Stacy Kennedy (Edited )

    I have an agent who was assigned one of our chat positions.  I cannot remove the chat capability from his agent profile.  I thought it might be because he was suspended so we reinstated his record but it still doesn't work.  When I try to downgrade him to an end user the box pops up with the warning and we accept yet it does not change his status.  There is an empty box in the right hand corner with a red circle and a red ! in it but no message.

    After being reinstated the it says that he is a restricted agent.

    What can we do to remedy this?

    Also, when the agent was in the suspended state it was still counting him as one of our chat agents and not letting me assign the role to someone else.



  • Hi Stacey!


    I see one of your colleagues was able to contact our support team and perhaps resolve the issue. If you need any more help with this, feel free to submit a ticket at

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    Spencer Hudson

    Ok there's a huge problem with the instruction "selecting the Edit (number) ticket(s) button" ... the typical experience in Zendesk is to clickon the downselector (the button with the down arrow). It's not at all obvious that there are two buttons:



    Perhaps the down arrow should also link to the "edit" functionality. 

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    Krishnakumar Karancherry

    my option to downgrade or to remove the agent is disabled. See the below image. can someone guide me how to delete a agent who has left my organisation 




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    Graeme Carmichael


    It looks like you are selecting the edit email menu.

    To downgrade an agent, look for the Role selection higher up the screen.

    To delete the user, it is a different menu again. This time towards the right hand side.

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    Mathias Fecht (Edited )

    Hi, If I would downgrade a former admin to an end user, will all macros or triggers this admin have created remain or will they be removed?

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    Heather Cook


    If I want to downgrade 400 agents from Staff to End User, can I use the API instead? Otherwise I will have to do this one by one.

    Thank you,


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    Heather R


    I believe downgrading an admin will affect integrations they authorized but not macros or triggers, but I would test it on the Sandbox just in case.

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    Bharat kasyap

    found this API query to be helpful to downgrade Agents(staff & staff report) to End users


    POST api/v2/users/create_or_update_many.json 


    {"id":"(add agent id)", "role":"end-user"},

    {"id":"(add agent id)", "role":"end-user"}




    Thank you

    Bharath Kashyap 

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    We find that when we downgrade Agents to End-Users, all of that Agent's solved tickets get re-assigned to another Agent. 

    Is there anyway to prevent this from happening? We would like to keep those tickets assigned to the Agent for reporting purposes (90% of those tickets will not be re-opened). 


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    Diogo Maciel

    Hi Ashwin


    These tickets need first to be in the status Closed for them to not be reassigned. Before downgrading the agent, you can create an automation like Ticket Assignee is (Agent) and Hours since assigned is greater than 1 and then action Ticket: Status is Closed. This will close all tickets assigned to this agent (more than an hour ago) when the automation runs (every hour). After all their tickets are closed, you can downgrade the agent without fear of the tickets being reassigned


    Hope this helps!

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    Kris Scuteri

    Is there a way to bulk remove all the CC's the separated person may be tied to ticket wise?

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Kris! There's nothing that'll do that out of the box, although it might be possible using the API. For what it's worth, as long as the user doesn't have access to that email anymore they won't see any notifications, so it's not strictly necessary to remove them.

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    Linda Schlosser

    i have several suspended agents who have left our company. (all over 1 year ago) Do i have to delete them to use their seat for new agents?

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    Heather R

    Hi Linda, you dont have to delete them but you have to downgrade them to end users.

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    Janet Del Aguila


    We have an agent that is leaving our organization in two weeks. I downgraded her from Agent to an End User. My question is a bit like the one posted by another member above:

    We find that when we downgrade Agents to End-Users, all of that Agent's CLOSED tickets that are reopened by customers (when they respond to an email after the ticket status changed to 'CLOSE') are getting reassigned to another Agent in her group. We don't want them to go this particular Agent in her group. His first name starts with the letter 'A' so I'm assuming the algorithm goes to the first person in her old group and assigns it to them.

    Is there a way to create a rule or trigger that assigns these reopened tickets (status = CLOSED) to a specific Agent? 


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    Jessie - Community Manager

    @Linda - If you have already demoted these agents to end-users their agent licenses are available for someone else to use. If their Role is still an agent role, you will need to demote them, and then the licenses will be available to be assigned to a new agent.

    @Janet - I need to clarify the status of these tickets...a Closed ticket can't be re-opened. Are the tickets you're referencing Solved? How did you re-assign the suspended agent's tickets when you downgraded her role?

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    Janet Del Aguila

    Hi @Jessie

    You are right. The ticket was 'Solved', not closed. The agent's tickets were not reassigned. Maybe that's my problem. I did not reassign the tickets before downgrading the agent's role. I think you've answered my question.

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Janet -

    Sounds like you've got things sorted, but let us know if you have any further questions!

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    caleb hanson

    If you delete (or downgrade or suspend) an agent who has active tickets using the API, what happens to their tickets? Or does the API request fail?

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