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The Zendesk Facebook channel lets customers make support requests using Facebook. It also lets your agents see and respond to customer Wall posts and comments from within your Zendesk.

The Facebook channel supports Facebook Pages, which are different from personal timelines. Facebook Pages help businesses, organizations, and brands share their stories and connect with people. See this Facebook article to learn more about the differences. You can create and manage a Facebook Page from your personal account.

You can add up to fifteen Facebook Page to the Facebook channel. You have to be an administrator or have appropriate role permissions to set up the Facebook channel in Zendesk.

Topics covered in this article:

You can also watch this short video.

Setting Up the Facebook Channel (01:19)
Tip: Fine Tuning: Learn how to maximize social media support with Lisa Muccigrosso's Fine tuning: How to provide great support through social media.

How the Facebook channel works

After setting up your Facebook channel, your Zendesk monitors your organization's Facebook Page. Every new Wall post automatically becomes a Zendesk Support ticket. If the posting user is not already a user in your Zendesk, he or she becomes a new user in your Zendesk.

If somebody leaves a comment on the Wall post, the comment is added to the ticket in Zendesk Support too. Note that this doesn't apply to posts that are older than a week.

Note: Comments on Wall posts cannot generate new tickets. They can only add comments to the ticket generated by the original Wall post.

An agent working in Zendesk can respond to a Wall post by adding a public comment to the ticket in Zendesk Support. The agent's response is added as a comment to the Facebook post. In the following Wall post, for example, an agent answered the user's question in the Zendesk Support agent interface.

Here's the corresponding ticket in the agent interface:


You can set up a view in your Zendesk to see all your Facebook tickets in one place.

In addition to automatically converting Wall posts to tickets, you can set up your Facebook channel so that private messages sent to the Facebook Page become tickets. This means that a user can ask a private question, and an agent can have a one-on-one conversation with the user. Users click the Message button on your Facebook Page to send a private message.

Facebook limits how Pages can communicate publicly and privately with users. So, if you receive a ticket from a Wall post, when you reply in the ticket, your response will be added as a Wall post. And if you receive a ticket from a private message, when you reply in the ticket, your response will be a private message. You cannot respond to a Wall post with a private message in the ticket. And likewise, you cannot respond to a private message with a Wall post in the ticket.

Setting up the Facebook channel

To set up your Facebook channel to monitor a Facebook page

  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Channels > Facebook.
    Zendesk Classic: Select the Setting menu, then select Channels > Facebook > Edit.
  2. Click the Add your first Facebook Page link.
  3. Enter your Facebook credentials, if you are not already logged in.
  4. Grant the various permissions when prompted.
  5. Click Add for the Facebook Page you'd like to link to your Zendesk.
  6. (Professional and Enterprise) If you have multiple Pages, click Add for another Facebook Page or close the window.

    The Facebook Page you added appears on your Facebook Channel page. You can edit the settings now, if you'd like. By default, any Wall post is converted to a ticket, including those by the page owner.

Important: When you add a Facebook Page to your Zendesk, an end-user account in created in Zendesk to represent that Page. If this page-user is altered (e.g. turned into a Light-Agent, or deleted), the integration will silently stop working. Specifically, posts from the wall will not be converted into comments in tickets.

Editing your Facebook channel

To edit your Facebook channel settings for Wall posts and private messages
  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Channels > Facebook.
    Zendesk Classic: Select the Setting menu, then select Channels > Facebook > Edit.
  2. Click Edit beside the Facebook Page you'd like to edit settings for.
  3. In the Include Wall posts section, select No if you don't want Wall posts automatically converted to tickets. Otherwise, leave it as is.
  4. Deselect Include Wall posts authored by the Page if you don't want posts by the Facebook Page owner converted to tickets.
  5. Select Include unpublished posts to review unpublished posts (also known as dark posts) as tickets in Zendesk Support.
  6. Select Include hidden posts to review posts that haven't been approved by the page as tickets in Zendesk Support.
  7. In the Include private messages section, select Yes if you want private messages converted to tickets.
  8. Click Update Page settings.
    Note: If you don't see the Message button on your Facebook Page, you need to enable it. In your Facebook Page, select Manage > Edit Page, then select Show Message button and click Save Changes.

Adding another Facebook Page

You can monitor up to 15 Facebook Pages from your Zendesk account. Keep in mind that there are still limits that Facebook places on traffic from external sources, so it is possible that your account might make too many requests. This has more to do with how many posts and messages you retrieve than how many pages you enable.

Tip: Abel explains how to create a custom field to show which Facebook page tickets come from in this Tip of the Week.
To add another Facebook Page to your Facebook channel
  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Channels > Facebook.
    Zendesk Classic: Select the Setting menu, then select Channels > Facebook > Edit.
  2. Click Add new Page.
  3. Enter your Facebook credentials, if you are not already logged in.
  4. In the Add Facebook Pages dialog box, select Import recent activity if you want to create tickets from existing messages or posts. Zendesk will import the last week of activity (up to 250 tickets).
  5. Click Add beside the Page you'd like to add.

    The Facebook Page appears in Facebook Channel page.

Managing Facebook tickets with business rules

Just like with tickets from other Zendesk channels, you can set up business rules, like views, automations, and triggers, to manage your Facebook tickets. In addition to the actions and conditions available for all tickets, there are a few Facebook-specific options you can use:
  • Ticket: Channel values:
    • Facebook Post returns tickets created from posts.
    • Facebook Private Message returns tickets created from private messages.
  • Ticket: Integration account lets you pick a specific Facebook account if you’ve added more than one. This condition also has options for Twitter and channel integrations like Google Play.
For general information about setting up business rules, see the following articles:

Troubleshooting issues with your Facebook channel

The following issues might cause your Facebook channel or individual posts to be unavailable in your Zendesk.

Zendesk cannot connect with your Facebook Page because the channel has been deauthorized

Zendesk constantly monitors your Facebook Pages for new posts, messages, and comments. If Zendesk cannot connect with your Facebook Page, it will send an email notification to all admins on your account.

If you receive notification that your Facebook channel has become deauthorized, you need to reauthorize the affected Page in your Zendesk. To do so, click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Channels > Facebook.

Common reasons your Facebook channel might become deauthorized include:
  • The admin who has authorized the Facebook Page has revoked their Facebook session.

    This can happen when the admin changes his or her password or chooses the option “Log me out of all devices” after a password change.

  • The Page admin who added your Facebook Page has removed permission for the Zendesk Facebook app to manage your Pages or access your Facebook Page Mmssages.
  • Zendesk receives a consistent response from Facebook indicating that we are not authorized to access your Page’s content.

    This should only happen due to an error in Facebook’s platform.

Facebook posts are not converted to tickets because the poster disabled access by 3rd-party apps

If a Facebook user has disabled the Apps setting to allow 3rd-party applications to access their Facebook data, their posts on monitored Facebook pages will not be available to Zendesk via the Facebook API. Posts by these users will not be converted to Zendesk tickets.

Wall posts for incident tickets are not updated when the problem ticket is solved

Facebook incident tickets do not update their wall posts when the related problem ticket is solved, because it is not possible to verify whether the update was intended for public consumption. Agents can notify Facebook users of the fix by manually posting the status in a comment on the Facebook incident ticket itself.

I can't set up a Facebook channel in Zendesk

You may not have the proper role permissions to perform this task. Check with your administrator.
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  • 0

    Is it possible to update a ticket when the private message gets archived in the fb business manager?
    Our use case is that the marketing team replies to the "easy ones" directly via facebook, i want to close the tickets then with a trigger.

  • 0

    Hey Andreas,
    Yes, it is possible to update a ticket when the private message gets archived in Facebook. Archiving the conversation in Facebook just hides it from your inbox until the next time you chat with that person. So commenting on that ticket again just picks up the chat where you left off.

  • 0

    Hi there, I was wondering about the 2 FB pages limit that is still in place - I see this was discussed a couple years ago and that there were issues with FBs API. However, these days even Freshdesk allows for unlimited FB pages integration so I don't see a reason why Zendesk wouldn't offer the same. Any updates on this front? Thanks!

  • 0

    Hi, Milana -

    We're actively investigating whether we can remove the limit or not. We would like to, but we had some doubts about whether we can be sure all of our API calls will make it through, but the prognosis seems good. We'll be working on this soon.

  • 0

    Hi guys,

    I recently became aware of this Facebook integration feature and wanted to see if I could get some help on 1 thing.

    If it was mentioned before, I apologize for making you repeat any reply. I was able to incorporate our company's facebook page without any trouble but since out company develops many different games, we have our tickets separated in Views. Is there a way I can separate the Facebook posts and Private messages into another View? If so, how can I go about doing that? I've tried messing around with it today but I couldn't seem to figure it out.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,


  • 0

    @Brian - We have conditions in the Views menu that allow you to include or exclude various channels. You can use the condition [Ticket: Channel] to create these. There are options for both Facebook Post and Facebook Private Message.

  • 0

    Hey Max,

    Thanks for your quick reply. Unfortunately I've tried that but it didn't seem to work.(Maybe I'm doing it wrong.)

    Right now I have the page deactivated until I can get the view set up properly, but it's currently set up as follows (if something is wrong, just let me know):

    Meet ALL of the following conditions:

    Ticket: Channel is Facebook Post
    Ticket: Channel is Facebook Private Message
    Ticket: Status is New
    Ticket: Status is Open

    Is there anything else I'd need to include?

    Edited by Brian Scavullo
  • 0

    Hi, Brian -

    You're asking Zendesk to retrieve tickets that can't exist. Those conditions say that it needs to be all four of those things, and a ticket cannot be both Open and New at the same time. It also can't be both a post and a private message. You should use some "ANY" conditions. Change it as follows:

    Meet ALL of the following conditions:
    [Ticket: Status] [Less than] [Pending]

    Meet ANY of the following conditions:
    [Ticket: Channel] [is] [Facebook Post]
    [Ticket: Channel] [is] [Facebook Private Message]

  • 0

    Hi Max,

    Thanks a lot for your help. I'll try this and let you know how that works.


  • 0

    Max - Any ETA on the removal of FB page limits beyond soon? Just curious if this is something that may happen within the next quarter or if we're looking at a year or more down the road before a decision is made.

  • 0

    Hey, James -

    We have actually begun to do some investigation. We're not ready to commit to a time frame, but have begun to escalate the priority now that we're feeling safer about API limits.

  • 0


    I wanted to ask regarding the page limits. 

    In the first page of this discussion, we can read the following in description:

    "You can add up to fifteen Facebook Page to the Facebook channel. You have to be an administrator or have appropriate role permissions to set up the Facebook channel in Zendesk."

    As I see in a discussion, the talk is about the limit of 2 pages per accounts. Thus, could please anyone clarify if it's 2 or it was increased to 15? 
    Or maybe I am mixing up the channels and pages, not sure.


    Thank in advance for the answer.

  • 1

    Hi Giorgi!

    Previously, it was only possible to add 2 Facebook pages to your Zendesk. As of February 18, 2016 that limit was increased to 15 Facebook pages. You can read all about it in this announcement post:

    Hope that helps!

  • 0

    Dear Jessie,


    Thank you very much for your answer and for that awesome news!

    Highly appreciated.


    All the best,


  • 0


    What about creating tickets from Fb user posts, mentioning specific Fb page? 

  • 0

    Andrei - 

    Technically if a user @ mentions your page, that will be converted into a ticket as well. We plan to eventually make that a separate option, but right now it's treated in the same way as a wall post.

    If someone @ mentions your page in a comment (rather than a post) it will not be captured at this time.

  • 1
    Pete Holborow

    The only issue I have at the moment is with the opening of links from our Facebook Business managed page. Are there any plans to improve this functionality?

  • 1


    When I allow Facebook posts to convert into tickets, then someone comments on this post and I reply to him, my reply appear no Facebook as another comment, not as a reply to that person.

    Is there a way to make my reply becomes a reply to the user, not a new comment on the post? 

    I appreciate if someone can answer me, please.


    Edited by Coptic Treasures
  • 1

    Hi Coptic Treasures,

    At present the ability for a Facebook ticket reply to appear as a reply on the post as opposed to a comment is not currently possible. I see you've already posted some feedback on the feature request post HERE regarding this. We'll reach out to our product managers to see if we can get an update to this for you asap. 

    Let us know if there's anything else we can help with. :)

  • 0

    Hi all, 

    Can someone confirm if you can manage Facebook Ad comments via Zendesk integration?

    Thanks in advanced :)

  • 0

    Hi Alexander,

    I am not sure if it works, we had wall posts including our own posts enabled and our ads never occurred there.

    Bear in mind that Zendesk does not handle reply-to comments in a proper way, so even when it would fetch the ads, it is pretty useless i would say.

  • 1

    Hi Zendesk Team,

    I understood that with Zendesk we can effectively manage 1) facebook private messages and 2) comments from users on your pinwall. 

    We would need following features to manage our facebook account effectively:

    1) Replying to comments to our own posts

    2) Liking user comments on our page and beneath our posts

    3) Being able to manage facebook groups with zendesk not only pages?!

    4) integration of facebook comments - social plugin for websites (

    Is any of these features already implemented and I missed it or do you plan to implement any of these features in the near future? Thanks for your help!



    Edited by Raphael Kolic
  • 0

    We use Facebook Enterprise platform, zendesk support can not use it to integrate channel, always display we have no one fanpage.

  • 0

    Hi Sigurd!

    I'm afraid I don't quite understand what you're asking...are you having problems connecting your Facebook page to your Zendesk?

  • 0

    Hi Guys

     I was wondering if I am removed as an admin from our companies FB page will I still have the ability to respond to tickets through Zendesk? The reason I ask is that the person who set up our integration said I also had to be an admin on our FB page.. Is this really the case?


  • 0

    Hey Johnny!

    As long as there aren't any restrictions set up in your Zendesk that would prevent you from seeing or interacting with those tickets, you should be able to respond to them even if you're not an admin on the FB page.

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