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Light agents have limited permissions but can stay informed about tickets and, when needed, provide subject matter expertise and advice by adding private comments. All comments by light agents are private, including the first comment of any tickets they create.

You can't clone or modify the light agent role, except for the two settings for tickets and reporting. Light agents are available as a Professional Add-on and Enterprise Add-on.

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Using Zendesk Support as a light agent (1:24)

About light agent permissions

The light agent role has the following access and permissions.

Table 1.
Area Light agents can... Light agents can't...
  • View either tickets assigned to groups they're in or view all tickets. For details, see Updating reporting and ticket permissions for light agents.
  • Make private comments.
  • Be the ticket requester.
  • Edit ticket properties at the time of ticket creation.
  • Be CC'ed on tickets.
  • Create tickets on behalf of end-users. However, the end-user won't be able to see it until another agent adds a public comment.
  • Edit ticket properties for tickets they're requesters on after the ticket is created.
  • Make public comments.
  • Be assigned to tickets.
  • View user profiles.
  • Edit user profiles.
  • Assume a user's identity.
  • Change a user's password.
  • Browse or search for users.
Help Center
  • Cannot be a Help Center manager.
  • Create or edit reports.
  • See views only.
  • Create or edit views.
Business rules
  • Apply macros
  • Create, view, or edit macros, automations, or triggers.
  • Be used as conditions in business rules. For example, you can't create a trigger that emails the agent assigned to the ticket when a user who is a light agent comments on it.
  • Respond to chats or calls.
  • Manage channels.
Mail API  
  • Respond to notifications or create new tickets.

Updating reporting and ticket permissions for light agents

To edit reporting and ticket permissions for light agents
Note: For Professional accounts, light agent permissions are located under Admin () > >Agents.
  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Manage > People.
  2. Click roles.
  3. Next to Light agent, click edit.

    You can change settings in the Tickets and Tools sections only. You cannot change any other settings for light agents.

  4. Next to Tickets, select what kind of tickets light agents can access:
    • Select All within this agent's group(s) for light agents to access only tickets in their groups. If you want them to still be able to assign tickets to any group when they're the requester, also select the Agent can assign to any group check box. Light agents can also access tickets requested by users in their organization by selecting Requested by users in this agent's organization.
    • Select All for light agents to access all tickets.
  5. Next to Tools, set reporting permissions to Can view only or Cannot view.
  6. Click Update role.
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    I like the concept, but let me know if this is possible.

    We run a group buying site. I was thinking of creating a light agent for each business we do a deal with. The purpose would be for them to see what our users say about their business or deal and have the possibility to add feedback ( private comment ). 

    This would allow us to save a lot of time communicating with the business for particular cases.

    Now if I understand correctly, I need to create a group for each of those business and assign agent to them.

    If a ticket is assign to one of our regular agent, we can't have this agent be part of every group. Even if we do that, assigning a ticket to a regular agent that is part of every group mean that all groups would end up seeing those tickets ?

    Am I right or is there another way of doing this.

    Thanks a lot

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    Bonjour Patrick...  not sure about the entirety of your use case but yes you would need to create one group per partner.

    Also, note that normal agents can also be restricted to a group.  So I assume that you would have one light agent per group and each normal agent covering a subset of your groups.

    Note: The answer to "assigning a ticket to a regular agent that is part of every group mean that all groups would end up seeing those tickets?" is it can be no (but you need to make sure that a "regular agent" is group-restricted.

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    Can light agent forward tickets into Zendesk?

  • 0

    Where can i find these settings for a light agent? I can't seem to find them...

    When i edit a light agent, there are no settings for tickets, people, forums and tools (or so it seems).


  • 0

    @Thomas -  Light agents should be able to forward tickets into zendesk. They can't be assigned to them, but if Agent Forwarding is enabled on the Settings > Agents page, any email they forward from their agent email address will become a ticket in Zendesk with the original sender as the requester.

  • 0

    @Gert -  What setting are you looking to update? The Light Agent role is fixed and cannot be altered, unlike other roles. Access permissions of Light Agents are not alterable because they exist as a tool to enhance internal communication, rather than as full agents with customizable roles. Only full agents are allowed customizable roles.

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    @Max - I guess i was looking for the screenshots above, but I've must have not read properly... It would be handy though if it could be altered :)

  • 0

    Guys, we have made one modification.  Now light agents can view either all tickets or just tickets that are assigned to his/her group(s).


    So the light agent role can be customized for the two choices above.

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    Can light agents be notified of new tickets?

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    @Laura... the answer to your question is yes (given that you have set up the right notifications and group ownership for light agents)

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    Hi, I am not entirely sure how to let a light agent know that his/her assistance is needed on a ticket? I understand that the ticket cannot be assigned to a light agent but is there an internal way (via email maybe) that I can use to let a light agent know that his/her expertise is needed on the ticket?

  • 0

    Hi, Izabela -

    You can draw a light agent's attention to a ticket by labeling them as a CC on the ticket (which will notify them of all public and private comments as long as they're listed). This is probably the simplest method. Thanks!

  • 0

    Hi Max, Thanks the info! How could I not realise that it's so simple:) Many thanks again!

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    If I CC a light agent on a ticket, does that mean they will still only be able to reply privately. If they were not a light agent (just an end user), as a CC on a ticket, would they be able to public reply?

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    Hi Nick,

    While we've already addressed your request via email. I wanted to post a public reply to your questions here.

    -When a light agent is CC'ed on a ticket, their replies to CC email notifications will update the ticket with a private comment.

    -When an end-user is CC'ed on a ticket, their replies to CC email notifications will update the ticket with a public comment.

    Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have additional questions.

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    Light agents a s forum moderators would be highly appreciated! For example, we have an intern for a couple of months, he will not be answering tickets but we would like to have help with setting up our forums in our new swedish foum/spoof. To ad a agent at 99$/119$ is simply not worth it, and never will be, but the value of having light agents as forum moderators will still have a high value for us (and if still were on the starter plan we would have added him as an agent).

    I highly doubt you will loose many apid agents as adding this feature to the ligh agents role, but it will improve the value of the enterpris eplan tremendously.

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    Can a Light Agent change the status of a ticket via a macro? For example, I would like a light agent be able to press a macro that would change the value of a current drop-down custom field.

  • 0

    @Evan... unfortunately this is not possible.  At this time, Light agents can only affect a ticket through private comments.

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    Hello, I wonder if it is possible to hide private comments for a group of light agents? The reason is that I have some support staff that are not supposed to be able to view and make private comments. Is it possible? 

  • 3

    I wish the workflow for light agents was a little better. For example, in a development organization with many people of varying responsibly, it would be nice to be able to escalate a ticket to a developer acting as a light agent for advanced troubleshooting and then once the troubleshooting is complete, have a way to notify the ticket owner that the ball is back in their court.

    Right now the only way I can find to do this to make developers full agents, which is cost prohibitive.

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    @Martin... I am afraid this is not possible to achieve your goals with Light agents.  However, it seems that these agents are essentially an end-user.  Not sure about all the limitation of your use case but you might be able to achieve your goal by making the agent "end-users" and giving him/her the ability to see all the tickets within an organization (long shot?).

  • 0

    @Pierre... I have the same scenario as Dan. The "developer role" needs to be able to access all the tickets in all Organizations. They need to be able to submit private comments when they are finished and possibly assign the case to another group for additional troubleshooting. If a Light-Agent had the ability to edit properties on custom fields, I think this would allow us to create a work around.

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    If an agent makes a Private comment on a ticket does the light agent and or other agents get notified if they are cc: on the ticket.  How else can we get other agents attention without involving the end user?

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    Can a light Agent search on external IDs.  thanks Jenny

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    Kayla: If other agents are on the CC list, or you have triggers setup to notify agents when a ticket update is made, they'll receive the appropriate email. 

    **Jenny: **Light agents cannot browse or search for end-users. 

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    the light agent can close a ticket? or change a ticket to OPEN?


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    @Diego... the light agent cannot change ticket fields unless they are the requester of that ticket.

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    Can a Light Agent add/edit knowledge base articles?  I have some SMEs in my company I'd like to contribute to FAQs, but don't want to make them full agents. 

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    Cassie, light agents can add topics in forums which are unrestricted as per the screenshot above.  So it means that they can create topics wherever end-users can create topics.

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