Preparing an SSL certificate for upload to Zendesk

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  • Wagner Narde

    May I ask how you do achieve this? Certificates are manually installed on a layer 7 load balancer?

  • Sean C

    This is a silly and dated policy.

    Why leave money on the table and not let us (at least optionally) buy a cert directly from you within the app?

    Or better yet, why not just use LetsEncrypt to seamlessly take care of this at low or no cost?


    [Edited to add: Great to support importing an outside cert, but can't see that ever being preferable unless w/a preexisting wildcard cert, if you priced it right.]

  • Sean C

    Looks like this 2015-era article just needs an update to clarify when you'd want to use these features and not LetsEncrypt, which is now built in.

    Great to see this - Previous complaint more than adequately addressed by the article here:


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