Viewing customer satisfaction score and ratings (Professional and Enterprise)

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  • Jordan Kerr

    I agree, this should be able to also be done in Insights - I don't want to navigate away from my main Dashboard just so I can see these metrics. I would like them in my main Dashboard.

  • Denielle Barcelona

    If we have Zopim, and our Zopim chats automatically become Zendesk tickets, are those rate chat tickets going to be included in the Satisfaction dashboard?

  • Matthew Dunn

    @Denielle, yes satisfaction ratings on tickets created from Zopim chats will appear just like satisfaction ratings on tickets from all other channels.

  • Achmad Moesadad

    Hi, I notice on the report there could be condition whereby 1 ticket number can be rated as Good & Bad. Or even worst, 1 ticket number got 3 bad rating in only several minutes.
    Do you know how to fix this?


  • Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Achmad!

    Customers have the option to change their satisfaction that what you're referring to?

  • Stephen

    Is there already any option to automatically report (and periodically email admins) with an export of Satisfaction Comments through Insights? I understand that the comments are tricky, given they're non-numeric and not quantifiable.

  • Brittany

    Hi Stephen!

    It looks like "Ticket Satisfaction Comment" falls under the HOW when creating a report in Insights. You'd want to make a report similar to this article. Then you can export the report or set up emailed reports.

    Hope that helps!

  • Thomas Barnisch

    Hi everybody,

    is there any chance to make the Customer Satisfaction dashboard accessible to agents other than Admins?

    Members of quality management or managers for example. People who actually work with those comments/ratings but who don't need to have admin privileges.

    They can use custom build insights reports, but although we are on the enterprise plan the insights data is at least an hour old, whereas the prebuild dashboard is almost live.  For our QM department sometimes even one hour is too long.

    Right now they use the rated ticket view, but the view lacks the comment part.

    The Dasboard or the satsifaction console app from ZendeskLabs (which has a role restriction feature but works only for admins) would be way more sufficient.

  • Gabriel Manlapig

    Hi Thomas,

    First off, I apologize for the inconvenience that you are experiencing on this. I checked our documentation about the Satisfaction Reporting and it seems that this can only be viewed by Administrators of an account. Light agents and Enterprise agents in a custom role with permission to view reports cannot view the dashboard.

     And regarding to satisfaction console app from ZendeskLabs I tried to install this to my account and not marking the roles restriction enabled and my sample agent can see the app on the left navigation app.

    I hope that helps.

  • Andy L

    I do like the satisfaction dashboard however it is limited to the reporting period. When I am looking for the year to date stats that is not possible with the built in dashboard. 

    First Question - Is there a way to incorporate this into Insight somehow without needing to use an app such as "Satisfaction Console"? 

    Second question - is there a way to display say... 5 recent survey results in Insight report?

    Thanks in advance

  • Wil

    Has the feedback section disappeared since this article's writing?

  • Sergei Kuznetsov

    Hi all. A question, is it possible to add the ticket requester's name into the tab along with the asignee name and ticket number?

  • Kamila Koppe

    Hi Sergel,

    At this time, unfortunately we don't support that. This is a pre-built dashboard and cannot be modified. You can look up the requester's name when you export the ratings as CSV file.

    I've taken a look in our Product Feedback discussions but was unable to find an existing discussion that addresses your need. Since that forum is the primary channel used by our Product Management team and other Zendesk users to discuss possible new features and suggest workarounds, I highly encourage you to post your request there. 



  • Sergei Kuznetsov

    Hi Kamila.


    Thank you for taking a look. I will do just that, hopefully this function will become available in the future.




  • Arnold Sanchez

    I cannot seem to find "survey date" in good data, referenced above:

    Survey date Date/time stamp (in the account's time zone) when the survey was offered


    I have been using solved date. Often, when we get a bad survey, we will reopen the ticket as a communication channel to address the bad survey/service. As a result, when the ticket gets closed again, the bad CSAT moves to the more recent ticket closure date, making it seem like we have a new bad survey result.

    Does "survey date" exist? It would solve this problem.


  • Nhia Lor

    Hey Arnold,

    This is currently the expected behaviour with the "Ticket Solved" date attributes.  The date the ticket was solved will always reflect the most recent date it was solved if the ticket was re-opened multiple times.

    Regrettably at present there's no attribute such as "survey date" you can use to slice and compare your satisfaction results by but if you wanted to know what date the tickets were offered.

    As a workaround you could build a custom metric to find the event when the ticket went from being "Unoffered" to "Offered".  Something like this example below when used in a report   sliced by the date attribute "Date (Event)" should do the trick.


    Please feel free to give this a try to see if it helps with what you're after!

  • Yu Ng

    looks like using the event date works, so i built a report for CSAT by event week and reopening the ticket didn't change the week the tickets falls in.


  • Arnold Sanchez

    Thx Yu Ng.


    Hi Nhia,

    will using the event date attribute work for this, rather then creating a custom metric?

  • Nhia Lor

    Hey Arnold,

    Creating and using the custom metric in the report with the Date (Event) attribute is needed in order for it to work properly.

    Hope this still helps you further along!

  • Daniel Petersson


    Is there a good way in reporting (insight/GoodData) to exclude all the tickets that has no value (empty value) under Ticket Satisfaction Comment?

    I want to build a report that lists all the tickets and their corresponding comments as long as the customer wrote something, not just rated the ticket. The option to do this by filtering seems like a lot of work since I get (empty value) thousands of times instead of just one value of the customers who chose not to comment. Any reason for this and how do I solve it?

    EDIT: I figured it out, after I removed two of the same (empty value) values all were removed.

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for sharing your solution, Daniel. Glad you got it figured out!

  • Mike Liay

    Is it possible to add custom fields to the CSAT export?

  • Steven Fisher

    Hi Nhia


    That solution looks like what I am looking for, I've found all the other attributes used in the metrix but I cant seem to find the "Satisfaction Survey Change"

    could you help with the location?

  • Nhia Lor

    Hi Steven,

    It looks like we've recently updated our Satisfaction Data Model and the attribute that was "Satisfaction Survey Change" is actually now named "Records of Satisfaction Surveys".

    The updated metric should now look something like this:

    You will still find this attribute in the custom metric element list under "Attributes".

    Hopefully this helps!

  • Steven Fisher

    Excellent thanks Nhia ill ty that

  • Jessie - Community Manager

    Hey Mike! Welcome to the Community! Apologies for the delayed response here.

    To the best of my knowledge, there's no way to customize what fields are exported with your CSAT survey results. If there's other information you want to include in those exports to cross-reference in your analysis, I'd recommend looking into exporting all the information via API. All of the endpoint listed above should be available, as well as any custom fields you want to include.

    Hope that helps!

  • Leigh Cohen

    Hi, all!


    I am trying to understand why the $ percentage surveyed is less than 100% if surveys are sent to all tickets that are solved. I believe the metric removes deleted tickets. I can't figure out what other tickets would not receive a satisfaction survey if the automation is sent to all solved tickets, in our case, 2 hours after solved?


    Thank you!

  • Adi Pintilie

    I'm having issues understanding the numbers, for example: Sent Surveys is X for last 30 days, but the actual solved tickets is, maybe, 5-8 times more. 
    No special conditions in the automation rule. I don't see any condition like: send survey to every 2nd ticket per customer or stuff like that. 


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