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    Jacob J Christensen


    I'm trying to decide if I should use the Zopim Widget or Zendesk's Web widget, can you provide some pro and cons, or arguments for choosing either?

    Sorry if this falls outside of the scope of this article. Any help is appreciated, thanks!




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    Sergiu Birca

    Hi Jacob,

    It depends on how you want your customers to interact with you.

    The Zopim Widget you would normally use if you intend to offer only the chat service via it + potentially, the possibility to leave an offline message in case if non of the chat agents is Online.

    The Web Widget in addition to the above functionalities also offers the possibility for the end-users to search in the Knowledge Base for articles based on the inserted keywords, BEFORE getting access to the menu option to initiate a chat session. A very efficient way to reduce the number of potential chat requests.

    Plus, in the Contact Form, in the Web Widget, you can add 2 Zendesk custom fields (not possible via the Zopim widget) 


    Kind Regards,



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    Jacob J Christensen

    Hi Sergui,

    Thanks a lot for the clarification!

    For our current needs it seems the Zopim widget is sufficient, but who knows what future needs may come.

    What about styling and language options for the Zendesk widget?

    • Can we change the gray/white background on the pre-chat form?
    • Are all fields and labels translatable?
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    Sergiu Birca

    Hi Jocob,

    Both widgets can be customized and localized via the UI and the API:


    Web Widget API:


    Zopim Widget JS API:


    Kind Regards,

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    Jacob J Christensen

    Thanks Sergui!

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     We use the Hub and Spoke process for many reasons as the 3 end user/client facing products are completely different.

    Would I be able to have chat accounts for each product? We cant use the Hub either to manage all the tickets. It has to be each product.

    Thank you for any help !


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    Hi @Mark!

    Good news/bad news in this situation! The good news is that you absolutely could subscribe to Zopim in each of your Spokes (as well as your Hub). The bad news is that they would each require their own subscription, so this would get a bit more costly.

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    Jennifer Neer

    I have branded our chat window differently on our help desk so it appears different then it does on our ecommerce site since they are two different brands.  I went onto the JS script in the help center and changed just the color and the greeting, but now it appears that two different chat windows now load.  The altered one ends up on top, but if you click it to open the chat, the other one in the original color is then visible.  Here's snip of it:

    The script I added under the JS tab is just:

    zE(function() {
    //Zopim API
    $zopim( function() {
    $zopim.livechat.prechatForm.setGreetings("We're here to help!");
    //End Zopim API

    How do I make sure that the only chat window that appears is the one with the altered color and greeting?

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    Sergiu Birca

    Hi Jeniffer,

    Most probably you've enabled the Chat option in the Help Center Settings:




    If that is the case, please uncheck that checkbox, and do it manually: place you Chat script + the API code into the JS section of your Help Center theme.

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