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This article outlines the basic steps you need to complete to get started with Zendesk Talk.

Step One: Select a number

First, select a number that your customers will call for support. If you don't have a support number yet, you can purchase one directly within Voice. For details, see Adding a new number.

If you have an existing telephone number that you already use, you can forward calls to the number to the Zendesk Voice number. If you have a US-based number, you can port the number to Twilio to use as your Zendesk Voice number. For details, see Using an existing number.

Step Two: Enable Talk and configure the general settings

Once your number is set up, you're ready to enable Voice and configure the channel-wide settings. For details, see Enabling Zendesk Talk and configuring general settings.

Step Three: Optimize your network and hardware for Zendesk Talk

There are a few considerations for making sure your network and hardware are ready to start using Voice. For details, see Best practices: Optimizing your network and hardware for Zendesk Talk.

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    I am trying to do the registration of Zendesk Voice, but I have problems on entering my company address! Please help !

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