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Signatures are an easy way to make the replies sent by agents more personal. However, what happens when you want a signature that is the same for most agents, but have a specific agent use a different signature or no signature at all? You could ask all the agents to set the signature you want them to use, but that might not give you the results you want and could create inconsistency. Instead, you can use Liquid markup to set custom signatures for select agents.

Note: This tip does not cover creating a basic agent signature. For beginner's information on agent signatures see, Adding an agent signature to ticket email notifications .

This article contains the following sections:

Editing the existing signature

By default, the account-wide signature is the placeholder {{agent.signature}} , which references the signature each agent sets in their user profile page. You can edit this account-wide signature using Liquid markup. For information about Liquid markup see, Using Liquid markup to customize comments and email notifications .

To change an account-wide signature

  1. Click the Admin icon ( ) in the sidebar, then select Settings > Agents .
  2. In the Signature text box, enter your Liquid markup. The example Liquid markup below performs the following actions:
  • Edits the signature for an agent with a specific name.
  • Edits the signature for an agent with a specific email.
  • Provides signature text for every other agent.
{% if == 'Peter Piper' %}
{% elsif == '' %}
{% else %}
Umbrella Corp.
+1 (888) 123-4567
{% endif %}

For information on other placeholders you can use see, Additional signature placeholders .

Example signature results

In this section, you can see how agent signatures will appear when using the example Liquid markup.

If the agent is Peter Piper, his signature is the name of the organization to which he belongs.

If the agent's email address is, her signature will be blank.

Note: The placeholder is useful for when you have more than one agent with the same name.

If the agent is not Peter Piper or, their signature will be the text entered at the end of the Liquid markup.

Additional signature placeholders

You can use a variety of placeholders inside the agent signature area. Keep in mind that only the "agent", "current_user", "account", and "dc" (dynamic content) placeholder classes are supported inside signatures. The ticket placeholder class, such as {{}}, is not supported inside signatures.

Below are the additional recommended placeholders:

Placeholder Description The agent's full name (or alias, if present).
agent.first_name The agent's first name.
agent.last_name The agent's last name.
agent.role The agent's role. The agent's email address. The agent's phone number. The agent's organization name.
agent.language The agent's language.
agent.time_zone The agent's time zone.

For a complete list of available placeholders see, Placeholders reference .

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    Nice explanation! But, I think the main issue for some people is that you can't use ticket-level information in the signature. For that problem, I wrote an app that adds a dynamic-content placeholder at the moment of submitting a ticket update. This app can be found on Github:

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    Thanks for sharing your app, Sander!

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    I'm having a bit of trouble using this with tags. For instance, we want to remove the agent signature when the tag 'burstsms' is present, so that we don't take up a bunch of characters when we send SMS.

    {% unless ticket.tags contains 'burstsms' %}
    {% endunless %}

    The above should be working, but I'm getting a signature even when that tag is present on a ticket. Any ideas?

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    From the comments in a different post ( -, I tried the following and it also didn't work:

    {% capture tags %}
    {% endcapture %}
    {% if tags contains "sms_ticket" %}
    {% else %}
    {%endif %}


    Edited by DJ Jimenez
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    Hi Gmasiulis and DJ Jimenez,

    Unfortunately, you can't use ticket-level placeholders in the signature. That is exactly the reason why I developed the app I mentioned before, to add a dynamic-content signature placeholder before the ticket update is actually submitted.

    This works very well for us, so please take a look at the app.

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    Sander is correct. This article only works for certain things.

    Like I explain earlier, "only the "agent", "current_user", "account", and "dc" (dynamic content) placeholder classes are supported inside signatures. The ticket placeholder class, such as {{}}, is not supported inside signatures." So tags will not work.

    Sander's app is a nice workaround!

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    I¨ve created a feature request for ticket level information in agent signature Liquid markup. Feel free to upvote the feature.

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