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    Sander Scheer

    Nice explanation! But, I think the main issue for some people is that you can't use ticket-level information in the signature. For that problem, I wrote an app that adds a dynamic-content placeholder at the moment of submitting a ticket update. This app can be found on Github:

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    Jessie Schutz

    Thanks for sharing your app, Sander!

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    I'm having a bit of trouble using this with tags. For instance, we want to remove the agent signature when the tag 'burstsms' is present, so that we don't take up a bunch of characters when we send SMS.

    {% unless ticket.tags contains 'burstsms' %}
    {% endunless %}

    The above should be working, but I'm getting a signature even when that tag is present on a ticket. Any ideas?

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    DJ Jimenez (Edited )

    From the comments in a different post ( -, I tried the following and it also didn't work:

    {% capture tags %}
    {% endcapture %}
    {% if tags contains "sms_ticket" %}
    {% else %}
    {%endif %}


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    Sander Scheer

    Hi Gmasiulis and DJ Jimenez,

    Unfortunately, you can't use ticket-level placeholders in the signature. That is exactly the reason why I developed the app I mentioned before, to add a dynamic-content signature placeholder before the ticket update is actually submitted.

    This works very well for us, so please take a look at the app.

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    Alex Culligan

    Sander is correct. This article only works for certain things.

    Like I explain earlier, "only the "agent", "current_user", "account", and "dc" (dynamic content) placeholder classes are supported inside signatures. The ticket placeholder class, such as {{}}, is not supported inside signatures." So tags will not work.

    Sander's app is a nice workaround!

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    Matouš Kučera

    I¨ve created a feature request for ticket level information in agent signature Liquid markup. Feel free to upvote the feature.

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