Where can I use Markdown and HTML in Zendesk Support?

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  • Martin Lambertz

    Might be useful to combine this article with this one: 

    HTML/Markdown used in dynamic content does not render in trigger emails

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks, Martin. I'll flag this for our documentation team to look into. There may be a reason they want to keep them separate, but we'll definitely check in to see. 

  • Rachy Roberts


    Any plans to allow the use of Rich Content within Triggers?

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Rachy - 

    Can you give us an example of why you would need Rich Content in a trigger or how you would use it? 

  • Rachy Roberts


    Yes, I have a bilingual client whom I want to set up an auto reply for once a ticket is created. 

    The native language text to be presented on the left in a box and the English version on the right.

    Are there any plans to allow this functionality? 


  • Rachy Roberts

    This is what the box should look like; 


  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Rachy - 

    It's not currently on the roadmap, but I encourage you to add your voice to this Product Feedback thread: Rich Text in Dynamic Content

  • Heidi Chapson


    Are there any plans to enable markdown for Guide and not just Support? Especially need this to create code blocks when editing (Guide) articles. Otherwise, what would you suggest? Code tags work for inline code, but not code blocks.



  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Heidi!

    There are not currently plans to enable markdown for Guide, though the need for it is on the product team's radar. 

    As a workaround, several users suggest Github Gists, as mentioned in this comment

    I also encourage you to contribute your voice and vote to this thread in the Product Feedback topic in the Community: 

    Help Center Article Editor needs to support (easy) source code formatting


  • Chris McGrath


    It would be nice if you had an option for the Welcome email to be pure html. For example,if I want bullet points I write:


    And you then add line breaks at the end of each one which results in 

    • one

    • two

    The work around is of course to put the entire html onto a single line, but that adds maintenance hell.

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Chris, 

    Thanks for the feedback! I encourage you to share it in the Product Feedback topic so that Product Managers will see it. 

  • Pascal Stenz

    HI there

    Due to GDPR I'd like to add a checkbox to accept the privacy policy. And on this page it is written that a link can be added easily. https://help.zendesk.com/hc/de/articles/360001550068-DSGVO-h%C3%A4ufig-gestellte-Fragen-zu-Zendesk-Support#topic_cmq_xsl_d2b

    But: I want to give a little description like with one word that is linked:

    I have read the privacy policy and I accept them.


    But if I try to go with <a href="...">text</a> it is not working.


    Is it not possible to use it in dynamic content for a webform?

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey Pascal,

    After doing some digging on my end it looks like ticket field descriptions only support text at this time and not HTML. What the documentation is pointing at is that you can provide the URL link within the ticket description. Unfortunately this cannot be hyperlinked. Sample screenshot below of what the article is referring to:

    I hope the above clears up any confusion but please let us know if you have any other questions.


  • Pascal Stenz

    Hi Brett

    What a bummer... Anyway thanks for your investigation.

    This actual solution is not so sexy because I think it would be more user-centered to point directly to the privacy policy page. But with the actual solution I have to put a link like: www.mycompany.com/index/subfolder/privacypage.

    Looking forward for better solutions ;)


  • Jaïs Pingouroux


    Any plans to allow Markdown in Guide articles? Not being able to use inline code, for instance, is a bit of a pain.

    Thank you!

  • Scott Currie

    Hi Jais,

    It's not going to happen.

    Check around forums and product feedback to see how this has been handled for the past ~3 years.

    After removing real rich formatting options several years ago when they switched to a new code base for Help Center, Zendesk has made at best middling patches to their essentially broken editing functionality - even though fixing this is a small matter of adding a free, fully supported plugin to the editor they already use.

    Be careful, though. If you express a human (but frankly reasonable) level of frustration about this, a Community Manager will chastise you and imply that you are being potentially abusive. This didn't happen to me, but to another user who signed their contract with Zendesk prior to this essential functionality being removed.

    Bottom line: If you have any need of real rich formatting - either in your knowledge base articles or in your community forums, choose a different product.

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Our Community Guidelines that state that disparaging remarks - among other threatening or confrontational behaviors - are not tolerated in our community. The goal of this is to maintain a constructive and professional level of discourse, and we do reserve the right to remove any comments that are not in keeping with our guidelines.

    While we understand that people may be frustrated at times, the Zendesk community is here as a resource where users can come to learn how to better use our tools. We will not continue to host conversation that interferes with other users' ability to have a positive and useful learning experience.  

    As far as adding markdown or other rich text formatting to the product, it's true that it's something customers have been asking for on and off for several years, and that it is something we have not put into the product to date. While we do our best to be transparent, we cannot share the reason for all business decisions in the public community forum.

    There are many, many factors that go into what we do and do not choose to allocate development resources toward, and the number of comments/votes in the community is only one of those factors. As stated in the Product Feedback guidelines, there are no guarantees for requests posted to the community to be implemented, we do not share detailed ETAs, and timelines and roadmaps are subject to change at any time. 

    In the positive, I can share that the Guide product team is highly aware of our users' desire for greater formatting capabilities, and the team has expressed interest in improving the capabilities of the article editor, which is why we have kept the product feedback discussions around that request active - we haven't said no, just 'not yet.' 


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