Using Slack in side conversations (Collaboration add-on)

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  • Wendy Lok

    Installed and setup the Slack side convo Collaboration feature. Created a new side conversation but realized I needed to create a new channel. Go to Slack, create new public channel #Support. Go back to Zendesk, create side conversation > Slack > but the #Support channel does not appear. 

    I've logged out of slack, zendesk. Even 5min later, #support does not appear in the list of channels I can write to.

  • Lisa Kelly

    Hi Wendy,

    Since it's a new channel you added, make sure the Zendesk app is invited to the channel. Click here for more information and refer to "To add the app to another channel." 

  • Wendy Lok

    Got it working. Thanks!

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Glad to hear you got it sorted, Wendy. Thanks for letting us know!

  • Judd Higgins

    Hi!  This feature is great! Is there a way to search in Zendesk (either in the Search field or creating a Query in Explore) to find tickets that have Slack Side Conversations?


    We want to be able to find all tickets that have Slack Side Conversations so we can write internal documentation about the issues brought up on these tickets.


  • Mindaugas Verkys

    is it possible to turn side conversations only for slack (without email option)?


  • Lisa Kelly

    Hi Mindaugas,

    You can chose which type of side conversations to enable (Email, Slack, or both) by navigating to Admin > Settings > Tickets > Side Conversations. 


    For details, see Enabling and disabling side conversations.

  • Stefanie Steinbach

    Sounds like a great addition!

    If I understand correctly, at the moment, within Zendesk, we can work with Triggers to notify people in the conversation that there's an update. (As mentioned here: Using side conversations in Tickets add-on) But in Slack, there's only @channel or @here that would work? As this would halt my entire support team to go check out that slack:

    Are there any plans of adding the option for outgoing @mentions. In other words, will it in the future be possible to send a slack message from Zendesk mentioning @someonenotinzendesk? If so, when do you approximately expect this functionality?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey Stefanie,

    I reached out to our Product Managers and they think this is a fantastic idea! However, the current integration does not support searching for Slack users at this time. I've passed this feedback and your use-case along to the appropriate team.

    Appreciate you sharing this with us :)

  • Luz Marsen

    First of all many thanks for this very helpful new feature. One question: is it planned to make tagging of people in the slack integration possible? This would be extremely useful for the workflow in our company.

  • Silviana Villarruel

    Is there a way to view the person who was part of the slack conversation?
    We want to be able to view and create reporting around the person who answered the slack conversation in the slack channel. I see at this time ZD shows it in two places 

    1. Internal comment: "Note added from a Slack message by Agent Name in  #channel.
    2.title comment: Agent ZD Name > Today xx:xx > with Zendesk, Slack Agent Name. 


  • Jacob Booth

    Is there anyway to direct the message to a thread within the channel

  • Toby Sterrett

    @Luz it's not currently possible to tag individual people in Slack conversations. Slack requires knowing the ID of an individual person, so tagging them from within a side conversation within a ticket would require being able to search all Slack users for autocompletion so we can include the ID, which we don't have access to with the integration. We're investigating what it would take to add this in the future, but we don't have any timeframe for it.

    @Silviana we've spoken, but at this time I think the best way to be able to report on participants in side conversations would probably be to use the incremental export endpoint available in the API EAP. You would be able to get the data about exported side conversations and who was involved, though it would likely be the Slack user IDs as mentioned above. Also, it seems like you may be referring to both notes created from the Slack integration using message actions as well as Side Conversations for Slack? Is that the case?

    @Jacob do you mean a Slack thread that already exists? If so, there's no way to direct a side conversation to use an existing Slack thread instead of creating a new one in the channel.


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