How can I stop my emails from going into my customer's spam folder?

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  • Sondra Halperin
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    So in our case the email provider is Gmail. We even have one customer who says our emails always go to spam - even tho they mark them as not spam.

    This seems to have started recently, like in the past few weeks. Is this happening to anyone else? Thoughts on how to resolve?

  • Toni
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    Same problem here. Please tell us a bit more about including Zendesk to DKIM and SPF

  • Ryan W
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    Hi Sondra and Toni,

    If you are continuing to experience issues after adding DKIM records and SPF records that allow Zendesk to send mail on your domains behalf, definitely open up a ticket through our support team, and we will be able to help troubleshoot.

    If you have yet to add the DNS records to your external domain, I would advise starting there.

    Here is a brief overview of each record (with a link to set up the record as well):


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