Creating business rules for CCs and followers

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  • Michael Tiernan

    I was trying to follow this page and when I clicked on the link shown in the screensnap below, I got told that I don't have permissions to read it in 'google docs'.

    Why isn't that file hosted by zendesk?

  • Amy Malka

    Hi Michael—sorry about that. This is a mistake. The article that you are looking for is located at I've corrected the link. Thanks for pointing this out!

  • Michael Tiernan

    EXCELLENT! Thanks!

  • Chris Cooke

    If I wanted to make all follower comments private, by default, would there be a trigger I should set up or automation?

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Chris,

    I did some digging around on my end and according to this article you shouldn't need to set up a separate trigger: Best practices for using email clients with CCs and followers

    Particularly the part I've copied below:

    Email notifications for followers.
    Followers receive notifications through their email client whenever the ticket is updated, but their names don’t appear in the email address. You cannot add a follower from an email client; followers must be included directly from the ticket. Followers see both public replies and internal notes in their email notifications. Any email response by a follower is recorded in the ticket as an internal note.

    Hope this helps!


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