Can I include the customer's original message in my auto-reply email trigger?

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  • Amanda Wrobel

    I'm not sure why, but if I try to click on the Article linked above, it is saying I am not authorized to access the page.  Where else can I read about this?  How does everyone get around this? Now no one is able to track their tickets that have been submitted to us and no way to check what they've already submitted a ticket for.  

  • Elissa
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello @Amanda Wrobel,


    Thank you so much for pointing out the broken link! I'm sorry about that. It looks like the announcement has been archived since it is a bit old. I will get in touch with our documentation team to get that fixed up and sorted out!

    I definitely understand the stress of not seeing the initial text of the request in email form. That being said users can always see all their requests with all the comment history and ticket status and everything else by visiting the end user portal in your help center. You can see more about that here: Tracking your support requests.

    I hope that helps!


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