Managing duplication settings

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  • Ivan

    Hello! I set duplicate strategy by  email and phone (but phone can be empty). And it's working fine for contacts or for converting leads to contacts.

    But it doesn't work for leads. So if I have 2 leads with the same email+phone it will be 2 separate leads. Even if I have 2 leads with the same email+phone+name it won't be merged. 

    Why it's not working for leads? Or it's ok and should work only for converting leads and contacts?

  • Ivan

    And another question - why when I manually merge leads then duplicate field ("reg_type" for example) will be created in format "Reg type #1". But when I manually merge contacts then same field will be created in format "reg_type#1"?

  • Kaja

    Hi, Ivan, I think it is best if we take these into a ticket because I would need to have more details on your imports and merges. For example for API imports the deduplication strategy does not apply. I am creating a ticket now so please check your email.

    Warm Regards

    Kaja Błachowicz | Zendesk Sell | Technical Support Engineer Visit our Support Center

  • Marco Lorenz

    How can i manage duplicate uploads for deals. we are importing deals from SAP but everytime i import a deal it creates a new one even the deal already exists

  • Robert W Buckles

    I have allready merged contacts but that was 5000 contacts ago now I show 8000  zen keeps creating contacts.   I dont know why.  and I cant delete them in a bulk order only one by one.  Too many to work reasonably with.  


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