I'm unable to access Flow Builder

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  • Teresa

    I believe we have messaging enabled (I see "Text, Facebook, and Twitter as options under Messaging and Social) but I still am unable to access Flow Builder. Any thoughts? 

  • Brian Arvy

    Hi Nicole, I have created a ticket on your behalf to assist you further regarding your concern. You will be receiving an email notification about the updates on that ticket.

  • David Javier

    We're having the same issue as Nicole. We see "Text, Facebook, and Twitter as options under Messaging and Social". No "Messaging Setup"  and do not see "Flow Builder" under Bots and Automation. 

  • Teresa

    David Javier I had a couple of steps I had to take to get to the flow builder. First I had to enable agent workspace because I wanted chats from the bot to flow into the tickets:


    Then I did have to enable messaging (it wasn't even though I thought it was): 


    I hope these articles help until someone from ZenDesk can reply.  :) 

  • CuboAi Support

    Hi, I wanna further clarify about enabling this feature. Our subscription is Professional, should we purchase a live chat plan to enable this Flow builder feature, or any other "Suite Plan" we need to upgrade? I'm a bit confused about our sale's response. Thanks.

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey CuboAI,
    I believe you just need to enable Agent Workspace on your account along with Messaging before you can use FlowBuilder. Agent Workspace is available on team plan or higher so you should have this available to you. However, if you're not on Suite you would need to purchase live chat/messaging separately which your account manager should be able to help with. Live chat and Messaging wouldn't be included in just Support professional unfortunately.
    Hope this clears up any confusion!

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