Migrating social messaging channels to the Zendesk Agent Workspace

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  • Xu-Zonne Ho

    Does this mean there is no way we can create views for specific whatsapp numbers/channels?

    Given Channel Integration is not supported anymore, We cannot select conditions to customise views for agents of different  whatsapp numbers.

    Any workaround? We process up to a thousand messages daily and it's pretty messy now with no proper grouping or routing.

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering

    Xu-Zonne Ho,

    Due to the interaction of Whatsapp to Agent Workspace the only workaround is to reintegrate them and assign a different brand to each integration. The brand will then be used for the conditions in Views.

  • Jason M.

    I've just migrated to the agent workspace and linked our FB and Insta channels. Why don't they show up in the Channels> Messaging page? When I click to add Channel and try each one again, it says they are already connected (but not visibly connected as far as I can see). Can someone help me or open a ticket so I can attach screenshots or give account assumption for someone to check it? (the attach image button isn't working to add them to this msg either). Thanks. Jason



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