Using ticket tabs to manage conversations

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  • Kyle Gibbons

    @... our team would like to switch over to the new Admin view, but the team loves the subject line for each tab. Is it not possible anymore to have the subject line rather than the requestor? 


    Kyle Gibbosn 

  • Pat Harland-Lee

    Hey guys, we recently just switched to Agent Workspace but found it quite confusing which tickets are open in which tabs, and find that Ticket Subject (even just the first part of it) is much more useful than the requester name (especially when the user has several tabs open, each from the same requester!).

    Is there any chance of either changing this back to Subject, or at least making it configurable to be Subject OR requester name?

  • Eric Gao

    Hey Pat,

    It's currently not possible to change the primary text on tabs. This was an intentional design change since the Agent Workspace is heavily based on having live conversations within the Support interface, so displaying the requester's (or visitor's) name in the tabs will be more useful to agents than having multiple tabs showing “Conversation with XYZ”.

    As an alternative, agents can still view the ticket subject by hovering over the tab itself as well.

    Eric G. Gao | Technical Support Architect | Zendesk

  • Pat Harland-Lee

    Thanks for responding Eric. Because we are a B2B organisation, we receive support tickets from the same people multiple times per week (sometimes per day!). In these situations, it's not helpful to show the name of the requestor in the ticket tab. I feel like this design was only built for B2C organisations where you rarely contact the same customer multiple times. It'd be great if this was at least configurable to switch between either the requester name or the first part of the Subject.

  • Ethan Smith

    I would like to add to the conversation here to say that Ticket Subject would be FAR more helpful to have in that tab rather than the name of the requester. Their name tells me nothing about the ticket. Having the name rather than the ticket title makes me have to memorize what ticket I have open with each customer at the present time. Was much easier to have the ticket subject in the tab

  • Nick Sgarioto

    +1 on Ethans comment - when having multiple tickets open the preview is best suited to show the Subject rather than the Requester Name. Especially when there may be instances when managing many different tickets from the same requester. 


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