Can I use Zendesk to send mass text messages?

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  • Julia Wilkerson

    Hi from Textline! We're one of those partners Mark mentioned with the ability to send mass messages-- and an integration with Zendesk Support & Sell. Wanted to throw a link up to our marketplace page:

    Hope we can help anyone who stumbles upon this post :) 


    Hi Julia,

     When I try to install Textline it's sending me to "RO?" Not familiar with that account or login. Would you have any advice for that? Thanks! 

  • Dave Dyson
    Hey Roy - Welcome to the community! In case Julia isn't watching this thread or is otherwise unavailable, it'll probably be a good idea to contact Textline  support using the link on their app's page in our Marketplace: Textline
  • Julia Wilkerson

    Thanks, Dave!

    Hi ROY SMITH - I'm not familiar with what RO is. Mind including a screenshot? Feel free to reply here or email me ( for additional help!


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