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  • jennifer tilney

    How can we easily access the knowledge base while working in this mobile app? 


  • jennifer tilney

    How can I copy/paste customer's information *to search in another program? 

    Many names, streets, email addresses are spelled very complex and a copy/paste function would be mandatory I would think?? Yet I can NOT even SEE the customer's email address, let alone copy it to paste into our Shipstation program for example to track a package. There must be a fix for this by now? 

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Jennifer,

    To access your knowledge base, we'd recommend using your mobile browser, as the Support mobile app is designed around working with tickets.

    You should be able to access your customer's email address and other data, however, if it's available: when you're in a ticket, if you tap directly on their name, it should pop up an information card, and if they have an email address associated with them, that should appear underneath their name. You can't copy it from there, but if you tap the "edit" link in the top right of the card and scroll down to the bottom, you should see any email addresses associated with their user record. Tap the ">" to the right of the email address, and that should allow you to copy (or edit) the email address. Other user fields should also be similarly available this way.

    Hope that helps!


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