Causes for ticket suspension

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  • Moshe Gottlieb

    We integrate with a system called where our users can leave messages or chat with our support team. All chat transcripts or offline messages are sent to zendesk to be created as tickets. As of the last few days these are all ending up as suspended tickets with the reason "Detected email as being from a system user". But these are not coming from emails like postmaster or the like. The from address is set as the user's email address who is sending the request.

    We are losing tickets as a result! please advise

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Moshe,

    Emails from system users are always suspended and it is a hard system rule that cannot be disabled. Since you have confirmed that it is not coming from a system user, I highly suggest that you collect ticket samples and reach out to our Customer Support for further investigation.


  • Moshe Gottlieb

    Thank you. I have reached out to Customer Support.

  • Pooja Palan
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for all of your questions on this post. We love your feedback. If you have more product feedback on this topic, we'd like to hear from you!

    Please find some time to talk to our product directly at


  • Sam Humphrey

    Is there any way to determine as to why an email has been marked as spam? We have a substantial amount of suspended tickets and going through them 1 by 1 isnt a viable option.


    Any help would be amazing!

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Sam.,

    Are you seeing a common spam reason on the ticket itself? If yes, please check if that falls under the causes discussed in this article and follow the suggested resolutions. If the issue persists after following the same, I suggest that you grab at least 5 tickets, and reach out to our Customer Support so they can dig deeper into your account.


  • Gerardo

    I wanted to share my workaround.

    We had the issue that Zendesk was setting a lot of email as Spam and there was no other way then to recover them manually. This is what I was told. 

    It worked by creating organizations and end users profiles to let Zendesk recognize those emails. 

    It would be ideal to add this information to the article, if you consider this working for you too. 

  • Navenkumar Radhakrishnan

    "Detected as email loop" - what is the threshold after which the mails from the same user are suspended?  Do we have the access to manage this limit? 

  • Alex
    Hello Navenkumar,
    We have a limit of 20 emails from the same user within an hour. Beyond that, the next 20 updates will be suspended. If more than 40 are received, all additional updates within that hour will be rejected (meaning they won't even create suspended tickets).
    There is no option to manage this limit, I'm sorry.
    You can find more information on how email loops are handled in our article About mail loops and Zendesk email
  • Jeferson Stedile

    Hello! Is there any way to permit the ticket creation of e-mails "Received from support address"? We have this issue in a client instance. A support address "X", as a sender ("from:"), sends an e-mail to another support address "Y" (receiver - "to:"). All these tickets are suspended.


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