Setting up Ticket Sync from Zendesk to Salesforce

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  • Harsharndeep

    Hello, Team.

    We have field called API Source on Contact object which captures the source of origin of contact like if the contact is created through Pardot, API Source will be mapped to Riva (Pardot) etc.


    We have been using ticket sync and we have selected the option of matching existing contacts and create new contact if no match is found.

    Is there any specific field to identify and can be used to update our API Source field?


    Thank you!

  • Dwight Bussman
    Zendesk Customer Care

    HeyO Harshmandeep, 

    When syncing tickets to SFDC cases which create a Contact, the fields set for contact-syncing are set using the values in Zendesk (like a reverse-sync, but only for creation). 

    To that end, if you'd like to populate that API Source field in the newly-created Contact, you'd need to have that field mapped and a value present on the Zendesk user to sync over at the moment of creation.

    Alternately, perhaps there's a way to programmatically populate that field exclusively within SFDC when created via the Zendesk integration. This would involve custom coding within Salesforce if it's not being done via the field-mapping I mentioned above. If you'd like to pursue this path, I recommend reaching out to your Salesforce Admins to explore whether an apex trigger/workflow process might accomplish this.

  • Technical Support

    If Zendesk_Ticket_View were able to be placed on a Lightning Record Page for Case opening to the detail of the Zendesk Ticket based on the related Case.Zendesk_Support_Ticket_ID__c, then it would be a good substitute for the lack of Zendesk Comment synchronization.

    If I put a Zendesk_Ticket_View on the Case Lightning Record Page, no Zendesk Tickets are shown in the list. My assumption is that it was only designed to go on the Account Lighting Record Page.

  • Dwight Bussman
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Yep - per the article "Setting up Ticket View in Salesforce" the Ticket View will only work from the Account, Contact, Lead, or Opportunity pages. It is not designed to work from the Case page.

  • Technical Support

    Right - which is problematic. It means you cannot see ticket comments from within the Case page. You have to jump to Account scroll to the Zendesk Ticket View, find the ticket in the list then click on it to see the comments.

    It's a lot of steps - not easily navigated quickly.

  • Dwight Bussman
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Ah - now I think I understand. I'll definitely share that feedback with the team that build the integration. My understanding is that they'd intended folks to use the Cases more for reporting purposes, and the Ticket View (from the aforementioned 4 objects) for looking into comments.

    Given that each ticket has a unique ID that's stored in a hidden case-field, I suspect it'd be possible to modify the ticket view to embed within the case-page and look up its ticket counterpart based on this field. 

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Tal Admon

    +1 for having the ticket view in Case records.
    Great suggestion, Nate!

  • Dan Heintzelman

    Not sure if this is any use to anyone, especially you, Nate, but I created a formula filed in Salesforce that concatenates my Zendesk Domain with the ticketID that get's synced in, so that if I want to pull up Zendesk directly from the case record, I can do that from a report, or from a list view. First screen shows you what it looks like. 

    Type is a "Formula" field that returns TEXT.

    The Formula looks like this:

    HYPERLINK("https://{yourdomainhere}" + Zendesk_Support_Ticket_ID__c ,"#" + Zendesk_Support_Ticket_ID__c + ": Click to open in Zendesk" , '_blank')

    The current Zendesk/Salesforce Case Viewer component we use on the account object for viewing a collection of cases and their statuses, but we don't really interact with them there because it is a bit clunky. SF reporting is so powerful though so it's really easy for us to look at our cases from a report then use the link to open them (from a management perspective). I'd like to see the integration evolve to either having the option to sync ticket comments (as mentioned previously) or as @... has said, a viewer on the case object, but maybe it would work better as a canvas/iframe into the actual ZD viewer.


  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Dan, thanks for the tip! Would you mind posting this to our User Tips & Tricks topic? That way more users might find it.

  • Jude Kriwald

    This didn't work for me until I did some digging. As per Salesforce's article on how to find a record type ID, the ID is only 15 characters long. If using Salesforce Lighting, you'll need to take the last three characters off. The screenshot example in the article is too long and is misleading as it suggest copying the whole 18 character section between the two "/".

    Salesforce article here:

  • Anika Rani
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Excited to share that today we have released support for Ticket View in Salesforce Cases. This allows you to see full Zendesk Ticket details in a Case record, including the ticket comment history.

    Refer to section Setting up Ticket View in Salesforce Cases in this article to get this setup. 


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