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  • Jonathan


    I am hoping someone can help me out with the following scenario. 

    If we have (X) amount seats included in the plan and then have an additional (X) amount for temporary subscriptions. When I go to add a new agent is there anyway to select which seat is permanent or temporary to use. 

    The situation is stemming from hiring temp employees and and permanent employees at the same time. I dont want the temp employees to take a permanent seat and have a a permanent employee have a temporary subscription. 

    Is there anyway to verify what type of seat an employee has?

    My assumption is it is first come first serve however this doesn't resolve my issue.  

    Are there plan to be able to select whether an agent is using a temp or permanent subscription?

    Do you have any recommendation on managing agents for this scenario?


    Thank you, 


  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Jonathan,

    It would be best answered by your Account Executive. We highly suggest that you schedule a meeting with your AE to have this discussed. If you are not sure as to who is your AE, you may contact us to verify.



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