How can I authenticate API requests?

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  • Bonaliza Garcia

    Hi, I'm working on a custom request form for our end-users (but still within our Zendesk subdomain). When I try to submit the form and send the data to create the request, it returns with a 403 error. The same code works on postman and the request is being created.

    I'm having a hard time figuring out why im getting a 403. I tried both email/token:api_key authentication and basic email:password authentication. 

  • Tomer Ben-Arye


    I think my code 5 post above will help you.


  • Bonaliza Garcia

    @Tomer did you mean the base64 encoded? I did that, my email/token:api_token is encoded. I tried manually encoding it using one of the websites and also dis btoa('email/token:api_token'); but both gave me a 403 error.

  • Bheem Aitha

    Hi @...

    I am getting the same authentication error. Can you please help me on this? I also created a ticket on this.

    C:\Users\yyy> curl https://<subdomain> -u yyy@<company>.com/token:xxxxxxx

    {"error":"Couldn't authenticate you"}




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