Importing and exporting values for ticket fields

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  • David Judenne


    It's bad that we can't import a csv fiels if the ticket field is not new, I have a list use but this list is update after a while with big change, so can't manually change the 600 line and I don't want create a new ticket fields because then all the data use on previous ticket will be save under a different ID and for my reporting I need to check 2 different fiels :(

    So can you think about import csv on existing ticket field even if this delete actual list ?


  • Patrick Wilson

    I have a field called "Reason", this was setup 8 years ago via an import. the format is Device > model > reason. Today when adding a new model, I ended up with a duplicate menu. After really digging into this, everything looked the same on the field values.

    Device - BP::BP5::Basic::Availability
    Device - BP::BP5S::Basic::Availability

    But I keep ending up with two menus called Device-BP. After exporting the fields, I saw the error. What was imported originally had some weird characters..

    (originally imported) Device -¬†BP::BP5::Firmware::Accuracy 
    (keyed in today) Device - BP::BP5S::Basic::Availability

    Is there anyway to fix the old ones or type in the new ones? I don't want my team to have to have two menu choices that are the same. 




  • Heather Rommel
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    Hi Patrick Wilson,

    That's interesting! I've not seen special characters import like that.

    The key to custom fields is that you can change the visible name of the fields as long as you keep the tag the same and you should be fine.  In other words, you should be able to rename ¬†BP::BP5::Firmware::Accuracy  to just BP::BP5::Firmware::Accuracy

    ... and not affect your reports as long as you keep the tag associated exactly the same.

    Hope this helps!

  • Patrick Wilson

    Thank your for your response. Based on your answer, I was able to device a workaround. The corrupt characters may be a more recent issue, not from the original import as I have found it in some of the newer, manually entered fields. I will have to explore this in the near future.

  • JJ Breen

    Is there a way to (recursively, API, or otherwise) export a list of fields AND values together? 

    I have been tasked with auditing all of our drop-down fields and it is almost easier to just copy and paste or manually type the values into a spreadsheet than to click into each of the field names and download individual CSVs for all 34 drop-downs, and then try to match those CSVs back to the field name itself.

  • Jeff C
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Unfortunately, there is not a native feature to this other than what described here. What I have in mind is running an API script that will get all your ticket fields then making a call to the List Ticket field options endpoint that loops replacing the Ticket Field ID value each time.

  • Alex M

    Also requesting the feature to allow for importing of an excel with additional fields for an already existing ticket field. Doing updates to ticket fields with over 200 values is very time intensive where a simple excel document can take minutes to setup saving hours of work.

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Alex, for the best visibility to our product team, please upvote and add your use case to this product feedback post: Bulk Import Ticket Field Values
  • Jameela Bacchus(admin)

    Can David Judenne's recommendation here(first comment on this article):

    Be flipped into a feature request ? I didint find one addressing this.

    Importing new field options into an existing field would be very practical.

  • Drew Frey
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Sure thing, Jameela! I just added it here. 

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