Adding email support addresses for multiple brands

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  • Fernando Mendes


    I hope you can help me here please!

    I have Brand A, B and C.

    1. If I create a new ticket (on +Add new ticket) and even using a macro that sets the correct brand, for instance, A (this is also happening without selecting any macro).

    2. The customer receives the e-mail with the and if the customer replies, this reply is received again on brand A

    3. Any reply with brand A is going with the correct format and help e-mail address.

    4. Also I notice that when I create new tickets (on +Add new ticket) in the ticket field it shows "from Zendesk Support" where any other email shows as "Via" for example.


    I tried to be as clear as possible and I do hope someone could help me here.




  • Beau P.
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hello Fernando,

    Given the specificity of what you're seeing we'd like to review with you directly to best advise surrounding your workflow and the encountered behavior. I'll be opening a ticket on your behalf and reaching out to you there to facilitate this.

    Beau | Customer Advocate |

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  • Premium Plus

    Is there a possibility to add the following in this Article:

    "If you have multiple brands, it is better to create the brands first
    Then set up the forwarding and then add the external email address to the corresponding brands.
    Tickets will be assigned to the right brand and the agent will use the correct reply address.

    This in contrary to setting up all email address to the main brand first and make the routing changes afterwards. We experiences some issues with the latter solution 

  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team
    Hi Bernard, so sorry for the slow response to this. Would you mind giving us some more details about the issues you experienced? Thanks!
  • Kevin Robinson

    Excellent helpful comment from "Premium Plus" on 11th May 2022. My team recently upgraded from a single brand solution to multi brand and found that our connected email was no longer connected to email since additional brands were created. We had to disconnect the email that had been working for the past 4-5 year and reconnect it to the brand. We missed a number of customer tickets in the meantime. So if you are looking at this article after starting to use multi brand then the answer might be to delete and re-connect your external email. 


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