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  • Dana Coffman

    Where can we get more information about the "Not Recorded"?  We are not able to get the totals to add up to understand what this is truly representing.  Or even the call details so we can see why it is happening.

  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Dana,

    Calls where the customer hung up during the IVR recording, that were never answered or were routed to voicemail will fall under the category of "Not Recorded". I'll see if we can get that information added to our documentation. Sorry for any confusion!

  • John

    How can I adjust this so I can see the longest wait time during any given time period? Eg: what is the maximum wait time for any one person?

  • Plo Mangsat
    Thank you for reaching out.  I understand that you want to show in your reports the longest wait time of an end-user at any given time. You can try the following recipe. (The modification starts in line 5).
    1. In Zendesk Explore, click the query () icon.
    2. In the Queries library, click New query.
    3. On the Choose a dataset page, click Talk > Calls > Talk: Calls, then click New query. Query builder opens.
    4. In the Metrics panel, click Add.
    5. From the list of metrics, choose Duration - Call (sec) > Call Wait Time (sec), then click Apply.
    6. Click on the Call Wait Time metric on the left pane and set the aggregator to MAX.
    7. In the Column panel, click Add.
    8. From the list of attributes, choose Call Brackets > Call wait time brackets, then click Apply. 
    9. Click on the Call wait time brackets attribute on the left pane to filter the brackets that you want to show. (In this case, >300 was chosen).
    10. In the Rows panel, click Add.
    11. From the list of attributes, choose Time - Call started > Call - Date, then click Apply.
    12. From the list of attributes, choose Call > Call ID, then click Apply.
    13. From the list of attributes, choose Call end user > End-user name, then click Apply
    Your left panel should look like this.

    14.  On the right panel, click Results manipulation > Sort, then sort in Descending order.

    I hope this helps. Thanks!

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