How do I change or set the language in the widget on my website?

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  • Francois Spinnael

    How can we force the webwidget to look only in 1 language ? 

    Because this remark says that it looks into all the languages if I understand it correctly... But in zendesk guide we can't give different tags/labels for different languages... 

    Note: Setting the language via API does not extend to the Help Center search within the widget. The search matches the keywords used across all the Help Center languages. For example, the language of the widget is set to Dutch but the Helpcenter does not contain any Dutch content. The widget tries to match results in a different language supported, for example French, and serves French results instead.


    What we want is forcing the WebWidget to look into the helpcenter language that we have choice. What is the solution for that? (Because it seems that zendesk is only doing it for some languages and that a huge blocking factor)


  • Shai Sy Dimayuga

    Hi Francois S,

    A ticket has been created on your behalf and someone from our Support Team will contact you back regarding this via email.



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