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  • Jay Clementson

    Hello Sophie, 

    Is there a way to see a daily view of email/calls made but filtered throughout the whole month? I see from your screenshots above that everything is shown in a monthly view. 

    Also, I hope Wayne was able to resolve their issue because no one responded to their comments here. 

    Thank you,

  • Laura Hippert

    Hi Jay, When working with the Activity Overview Report, the time parameter can be set to whatever you like!

  • Jay Clementson

    Hello Laura, 

    I apologize, I found it. I did not have the daily filter set.

  • Laura Hippert

    Glad to hear you are all set there, Jay!

    Laura Hippert | Zendesk Sell Specialist | Senior Customer Advocate

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  • Esther Castellanos Garcia

    Hello, Activity reports indicate the amount of activity total or per contact?

    For example, if I send 3 emails to a single contact, how much does the report show in emails? 3 or 1?

    I am interested in knowing how much activity / effort on average I do per contact or lead.


  • Gabriel

    Hi Esther,

    If you send three emails to a single contact, the report will also count and includes the thread. So the answer is three, I hope this answer your question.

  • Mark Elliott

    hi is it possible to set up the reports to be emailed to our execs on a set period please, e.g. weekly or monthly? 


  • Giuseppe
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Mark,


    Did some research about this and I didn't find any option to share these reports. A possible alternative would be to use Explore for reporting on Sell data and share reports from there. A downside to this is that the metrics and attributes for Sell dataset is limited as it is currently in Beta. See these resources for more information;


    Sharing dashboards

    Metrics and attributes for Zendesk Sell (Beta) 

  • Prashant Desai

    Once you customize an activity overview report with some filters, how can you save that report?

  • Dane Adriano
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Prashant,
    I have tested it on my end. Once you have setup the date range and filters, it will be retained when you visit the activity reports again.

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