Managing Zendesk Talk lines

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  • Leo Medalla

    Is there a way we can manage the subject line for Talk tickets based on the IVR prompts?


    Press 1 Inquiry
    Press 2 Sales
    Press 3 Support

    Ticket Subject line as of now is default as Phone call from: "Customer contact number or their Name"

    We would like it to be showing as.

    Inquiry Call from
    Sales Call from
    Support Call from

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    HI Leo,

    I'm afraid there's not a way to automatically do this within Zendesk. Once the ticket is created, you could apply a macro that sets the ticket Subject and use a placeholder to fill in information from the caller (see Creating macros for tickets, Building macro action statements, and Zendesk Support placeholders reference.

    If you'd like, please create a post in our Feedback on Talk topic, using our template to format your post. That way other users can upvote and add their own uses cases as well. Thanks!


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