What is the recommended method to regularly export Zendesk Support data?

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  • Elijah Stownton

    Hi Becca! As for me, the easiest way to schedule data import from Zendesk is using a third-party app such as Skyvia. I use a paid version, but you can try it for free with some limits of data volume 

  • Tom Mililli

    Good Afternoon Becca,

    I too downloaded Skyvia (free version), hoping to schedule exports to use as my "daily backup". Unfortunately, I quickly learned that the export only works with Support data and not on Sell.

    Since I am very new to Zendesk, I have opened a ticket to inquiry if data exports from Sell and Support can be scheduled (automated via a trigger or other ways)


  • Marko Nestorovic

    Did any of you figure out how to export zendesk data without limitation?


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