What is the difference between a Solved ticket and a Closed ticket?

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  • Rob Bruggner

    Hi Zendesk - How can we assign new meta-data to closed tickets?

    Motivating use-case: We have a large number of tickets from the past 12 months and would like to now go back and classify them into different ticket types (ideally using tags) so we can see the volume of tickets, by type, for the past 12 months. We can do this with "solved" tickets. However, a large number of those tickets are now "closed" and it doesn't appear as though I can assign tags to closed tickets.

    How would we go about tagging closed tickets with additional meta-data/tags to enable examination of our historic ticket volume?

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Rob,
    Closed tickets cannot be edited: see Can I edit closed tickets?
  • Rob Bruggner

    Thanks Dave. Does you know if there's a way to address the use-case (i.e. add meta-data to closed tickets so we can analyze/view trends in Zendesk dashboards) or is there no way to do this in Zendesk?

  • Dave Dyson
    If it's possible to map your old deprecated ticket field values to new ticket field values, you could use standard calculated attributes in Explore to create new attributes based on any combination of tags associated with deprecated or current ticket field values.
    For example, let's say your deprecated dropdown values included "Value A" which by default would use the tag "Value_A", and in the new version of your ticket field, you'd like all "Value A" tickets to be considered "Value B" (tag: "Value_B"). You could create a standard calculated attribute that includes tickets that contain either the tags Value_A or Value_B and thereby report on them together. 
    See "Reporting on ticket tags using standard calculated metrics and attributes" here: Reporting with tags
    I realize that may not work for you, depending on the nature of your field(s).
  • Scintex Support

    Is it possible to increase the time period from 28 days when a solved ticket automatically changes to closed? The issues we're using Zendeck to track will often exceed 28 days as often parts will need to be ordered in for customers from overseas. We end up with all these new tickets on the same issue and it gets very confusing and difficult to follow. We merge tickets to retain the history but it would be far better and easier if we could increase this 28 day value. Is there any reason this couldn't be a user defined value?  

  • Gabriel Manlapig
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Scintex Support,

    As of the moment, tickets can be closed earlier than 28 days, but not extended past that time. The way additional responses to that ticket are handled after it closes would be through reopened tickets.

    We found this article "Can I stop a ticket from closing after 28 days?" and it specifies we can't stop tickets from closing out. This is part of our system design. Keeping tickets open in any capacity in your account will cause performance issues when our system has to go through all the open tickets in your views. 

    I hope that answers your question. Thank you!

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