Where can I use Markdown and HTML in Zendesk Support?

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  • CJ Johnson

    Dynamic content with HTML does not render when used in ticket descriptions. This article is out of date. 

  • Austin Killey
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey there @...,

    Thanks so much for reaching out about the DC troubles in ticket descriptions.  Testing out a DC placeholder containing an img HTML object, it looks like that successfully renders in the ticket interface and corresponding trigger notification when the ticket is created by an agent. 

    Do the contents of your DC item happen to contain references to certain placeholders like satisfaction data (which won't be active until the ticket is solved)? Otherwise, if there are any pieces of data within your DC's HTML code that rely on a particular ticket ID to first exist in order to correctly render, that may also explain the rendering issues.

  • CJ Johnson

    Hi Austin, 

    When I said in ticket descriptions, I should have said "in ticket *field* descriptions". IE, literally putting the placeholder in the description of the field section for customers. Support confirmed that DC will not render html here and is not expected to. 

  • Chris O'Brien

    Can I use HTML in the body of an email for a trigger? We have an auto-reply that goes out to users writing with newly created tickets, and we want a nicely formatted, HTML email to be sent to them.

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Chris! 
    Welcome to the community! Yes, you can use HTML in the body of trigger email notifications.
  • Andriy Ivakhov
    • Dynamic content (HTML is not supported when using dynamic content in triggers or automations)


    When can we expect HTML support for dynamic content in triggers and automations?

    Thank you

  • Elon (Yurii Martyniak)

    Hi Andriy,

    We had the same problem and Zendesk support helped us a lot.
    As they have mentioned, you will need to add Liquid code to the dynamic content for the HTML to render correctly. Liquid code is needed in the DC because our system uses a different rendering engine.
    With that being said you can use the following code and it will render the HTML as intended. 
    For example, just add {{‘Some text’}} at the beginning of your Dynamic content and it will work.


  • Hrishikesh Kokate

    Is there any way to use Markdown or HTML when creating or updating tickets via API? I was looking into options for creating a custom "support centre" for our helpdesk, and would love to add some basic text formatting options. Based on this, API should be able to accept Markdown if not HTML. It's obviously not an official answer, but that made me hopeful.

    I tried using HTML directly as well as Markdown as per the syntax here, but it appears to create tickets with plain text.

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Hrishikesh -
    Welcome to the community! You should be able to use HTML when creating tickets via the API. To submit a ticket with HTML data in a comment, use html_body instead of body in your request. HTML data is stripped out of the request if you use body. For more information, see our documentation on the Create Ticket endpoint. 
  • Hrishikesh Kokate

    Oh yes, thanks for this! I kinda realised I double-posted this: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408846544922/comments/4700446627226, sorry about that.

  • mfg

    We're sending out notification emails via proactive tickets using the API (Tray). We need to include both hyperlinks as well as images. The ticket creation API call included a comment where I initially tested with both HTML and markdown in the body of the comment using both the raw text and the placeholder approaches.

    In email triggers, with raw text in the trigger email body, I got the HTML link to work but was unable to get markdown or HTML image to work. I was able to get markdown to work using placeholders and the comment from the API call. I used ticket.latest_comment_html to pull the data into the body of the email trigger (the others work too but I didn't want to insert the comment author and timestamp info).


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