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  • Frédéric

    RichL I'm sorry but this field is not in there that would be too easy !

    anybody or someone at zendesk can help me to hide this field "linked problem"



  • RichL

    Hi Frédéric! I see now...wasn't familiar with this system field.

    Looks like "Linked Problem" will conditionally appear when you choose to label the ticket as an "Incident". I'm not sure what benefits using the Type field would have if you aren't going to use the Linked Problem feature. So you might want to consider just removing the "Type" field from your ticket form(s).

    But if you want to use the "Type" to label tickets as Incidents and not use "Linked problem" you can hide Linked Problem with the ticket field manager app by hiding the field problem:

  • Frédéric

    Thank you but I only want to hide the field "linked problem" that's it.


  • William Grote

    Hi Ahn Letran

    I think I stumbled upon a snag, I wanted to use the app to have more control over light agents filling out forms (internal support forms) by using the required fields to insure they filled out all necessary information and I made the app 'available' to all light agents, but then if a full agent filled out a ticket, but left a required field ( for light agents ) blank, when the light agent tries to even add an internal note to that ticket, they get blocked by the app since a required field is empty, but as a light agent, they don't have the ability to fill in that field?  Is there a work around for this?

  • Jean-Charles Pascale

    Hi William,

    If I understand correctly, you have a field that is hidden for light agents, but that is also set as "mandatory" for your agents to fill in, therefore preventing your light agents from submitting any changes to the ticket if the field is empty?

    Does this field need to be mandatory/hidden from the light agents?

    The main workaround here that I could see would be to add a warning when a mandatory field is hidden, as we cannot override the field being set as "hidden".


  • Neil Gloudemans


    I have multiple sub-options in my dropdown options which I have added to the JSON. However the overarching option is still showing. Ex: I have a Network/Internet option, and two sub options underneath. I added the sub-options to the JSON. There is no tag for the overarching option. When testing I see the overall option, but it is blank when clicking on it. Solutions?

  • Chris Fassano

    Neil Gloudemans - If you're trying to hide values used in a nested drop-down menu, you'll need to remove the double colon's in order for the categories hidden as well.

    Category::Sub-category::Item -> Category:Sub-category:Item


  • Neil Gloudemans

    Chris Fassano None of my tags have the colons. Do you mean I have to edit the field itself?

  • Chris Fassano

    Neil Gloudemans - Yes. If the value has double colons in it to create a nested menu, then you'll need to remove the double colons. 

  • Neil Gloudemans

    Chris Fassano These items are no longer nested then. That will not work, as the nested items are needed by others, and need to remain nested. 

  • Bill Reed

    Does anyone know what this error means? "Cannot read properties of null (reading 'map')"

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering

    Bill Reed,

    This issue will require some investigation on our end. I have created a ticket and one of our Advocates will reach out to you via email. 

  • Oliver Tietze

    Hi all,

    can we use the App to hide the "TicketSkills" field? There seem to be no documentation of how this field is (internally) named and we don't manage to hide it at all. We don't want Skills to be shown (especially as we currently don't use them).


  • Afabio Junior
    Hi Oliver, 

    If you are talking about the system field "Skills", you have an option to hide it by following the steps in this article: (By default, only administrators can see and update the skills field. You can configure the visibility and permissions for the skills field, so agents can view or update it as well). You have the following options: 

    If you have a custom ticket field created named "TicketSkills", you can hide the custom ticket field by inserting the field ID in the Hidden section as instructed in this article. 

    I hope it helps, 
  • Chris Fassano

    Customers in this comment thread might find this feature requests important.

    Deactivate field values instead of deleting them

    Please take a look and upvote if you'd like to see this change added to Zendesk.

  • Paul H

    Hi Dave Dyson

    This app is great and I have it working successfully for what we need, I'm just wondering can you have this app hide two or more fields? or does it only hide one field at any one time. 

    I have 5 departments and currently hiding a unique filed from all departments except one department as this field is unique to them. So now only the fee's department can see this form, this works great. 

    I also have another department lets call it the careers department that have a different unique field and I want to also hide this one from every other department also except the careers department. 

    I don't see the option to have multiple hidden forms in this app?

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hi Paul,
    You can hide more than one field, but the "Allowed groups for hidden fields" setting does apply to all the hidden fields -- you can't configure that separately for each hidden field, unfortunately. If you'd like, please add your use case as a comment to this post: Ticket Field Manager app - official feature request thread

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