Creating agents and departments in Chat

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  • Alexandra Fieber-Mitra

    I have Professional level but I am not seeing the Department option under settings. Am I missing something? or are Departments not available at Professional level? If so, please clarify on the documentation.

  • Joe

    Hi, I have set up a new Department (Group) but when I want to include it under department selections on the front end of the website, it is not displaying ?


  • Neil
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Joe,
    You'd want to make sure that there are agents added into the department(group) and it is enabled from the Chat instance.
    You can check on this article to know more about managing agent groups in the Zendesk Agent Workspace
  • Jamey DeLuzio

    This article no longer appears to be correct or is misleading. 

    "Contributors do not occupy an agent seat in Support unless they are manually upgraded to an agent role."

    Technically this is correct but when the chat agent is added it does take full support agent seat, regardless of the support agent level.  I spoke with support, and this is the expected behavior.  


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