Enabling the pre-chat form on the Chat widget

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  • Paola Pelaez


    Is it possible to use a pre-configured ticket forms (contact form) before starting a chat instead of the given pre-chat.-form?

    To explain: To start a chat we require the custom ticket fields that are configured in the ticket forms.


  • Elissa Tikalsky
    Zendesk Digital Resources Team

    Hi @...

    Unfortunately it is not possible to switch or edit the pre-chat form. This is a limitation of the chat product. That being said, there are some work arounds explained in this article: How to customize the pre-chat form.

    I hope that helps!


    Hello !

    Thank you for all this information!

    I have a question about the Chat preform :
    - I display the Chat in the Help Center.
    - When my visitor is not connected, it is normal to ask for his email and his name in the preform.
    - On the other hand, when he is connected, I would like not to ask him and automatically recognize him in my chat.
    - When I start the chat, my visitor authenticated on the HC is not recognized in the Chat ... and he is asked for his name and email in the preform.

    Do you have a solution ?


    Thanks !


  • Arnaud Joly

    Hi Serge,

    If you'd like to have a visitor authentication on your WebWidget, you can do so by setting up JWT authentication. You can find the steps to do so in this articles.

    If the user is authenticated successfully, then the name and email won't be asked and they'll simply have to enter their message and the chat will start.

    Hope that this helps!

  • Raphael Luiz Schettino
    Hello, I implemented the integration of visitors 
    through jwt, so my customers click on a button on
    my website and then they are directed to the
    zendesk support screen, there is only one problem,
    on this screen there is the chat and I noticed
    that the "name" fields and "e-mail" although
    already filled in, they can be edited.

    how can I do so that the user cannot edit
    these fields in the pre-chat?
  • Oscar Aguilar

    Hi Raphael, you can hide the fields using Javascript, you just need to change my "xszt60-1.dLJShQ" for your widget's unique ID: 

    <script type="text/javascript">
    zE('webWidget:on', 'open', function () {
    var style = document.createElement('style');
    style.innerHTML = `.xszt60-1.dLJShQ > div:nth-child(1) {display: none;}`;
    style.innerHTML += `.xszt60-1.dLJShQ > div:nth-child(2) {display: none;}`;

  • Nicole S


    We are working on enabling chat for our company. We would like to customize the prechat form, and I do understand it is done via SDK/API for the widget. However, we will be utilizing the link and not the widget to initiate chat. Is it still possible to customize this prechat form? 

  • Adrian Joseph Magboo

    Hi Nicole!


    Thanks for reaching out! 


    My understanding is you are going to use the direct link to a live chat popout window instead of using the widget and wanting to customize the pre-chat form. 


    Unfortunately, it's not possible to customize the pre-chat form in the direct link. By default, it would follow your Widget appearance settings from the Chat dashboard. You could only customize the language from a direct chat link.


    Hope this helps.




  • Kate Ambash

    I'm not seeing the pre-chat form in settings --> widget. Is this still there?

  • Nicole S

    Kate, I still see it there. Settings (in chat, not Support) --> Widget and then Forms on the top bar. 

  • Kate Ambash

    After enabling the form, customers are no longer give the option to chat in the widget. They are only given the option to leave a mesage.

    Is this a known issue?

  • Nicole S

    Do you have business hours set that may be preventing the chat option, and/or maybe no agents are currently online (which I think would disable the chat feature)? 

    I don't know much, but hopefully these are two spots you can check until someone from ZenDesk can reply to you. 

  • Kate Ambash

    @... Thanks! That helped. I had been on invisible!


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