Creating custom unified agent statuses

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  • Tobias Hermanns



    would it be possible to set a manual reason?

    Like: "AdHoc" selection, then Agent need type in doing step?



  • Joyce
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Tobias,
    There's currently no option to add a "Reason" field when creating a custom agent status. What we recommend is that you create different AdHoc statuses showing what the AdHoc reason as part of the status name. For example, AdHoc - Reporting, which is the status that the agent will select when doing reports as an AdHoc task.

    Hope this helps!
  • Tobias Hermanns

    Hi Joyce,

    partially, we are on Enterprise, so we can create up to 100 Status, but I believe if that´s not able to sort or search by Agent it will not help. Also, we wondering in case of an Agent go to AdHoc - Reporting and stays 3 hours in that task, we can´t really validate, which kind of Report Action he is doing, in which "Ticket" he is working or with which "Customer Remote Session" he´s performing, to prove that afterward, or remind Agent with a Dashboard for Teamleader to may change the status now. 

    So we are considering now to check API option for custom App to get reason in a Teamleader Dashboard, so they know it more detail, as example our (not Omni-Channel) solution right now:

    Kind Regads,


  • Kenny Rohan

    Yes our company is also needing the custom statuses to be displayed in the dashboard for management purposes, otherwise what is the purpose of having them if not one else can see them? Just seeing the generic Online: transfer only, etc. statuses doesn't help to know what specific task they are on. Also need a way to report on that so we know how much time is spent on non-call related tasks. We refer to them as Worktime's and my last call center program had the ability to show the current worktime and how much time the agent has been in it. Everyone in the team could see each other's status also to include lunch or break so they can make decisions on whether they could go on break, etc. Helps with coverage and good decision making. Hopefully this feature comes soon. In addition, I requested that the status list for the agents only shows the custom status as a single line. see Agent statuses - a way to minimize list – Zendesk help


  • Gabriela Manarim

    I would like to know when it will be possible to use Agent Status without Omnichannel Routing.
    Currently the omnichannel does not attend my operation, but I see a good opportunity with Agent Status

  • Matt Kozovski

    Seconding Kenny Rohan's request. 

    While having a custom status is nice, it's imperative for management to be able to view exactly said status. 

  • Kenny Rohan

    Today we decided to disable omnichannel routing. as the only reason we were using it was for the custom status's which we've established don't provide much benefit since they don't show up in the dashboard or reports.

    For us the downsides of it outweighed the benefits.

    It would be nice to have custom agent status capabilities without omnichannel routing but needs to also reflect in dashboards and reports.


  • Kris Parker

    What I would actually love about this is a few things:
    - Ability to disable / edit the default statuses presented by Zendesk
    - Ability to have specific statuses only visible to certain groups or roles in our account.

    The default statuses do not meet our needs well and not having the ability to edit these means they are just taking up space in the dropdown and increasing the risk that an agent chooses the wrong one.

    Our various teams within Zendesk have different workflows and I would love to have even more of these custom statuses but since it’s currently visible across every agent we’ve tried to minimize the number we’re creating to reduce confusion and the potential for an agent to choose the wrong status.

  • Nick S

    +1 on Kris' points above. 

    We need to enable this at an account wide-level, but cannot tweak this to suit workflows of certain teams without these custom statuses being visible to all. It makes the list of statuses cumbersome to navigate as they may be irrelevant for certain team workflows. Being able to apply a custom status to only be visible to those in a certain group would help address this. 

  • Rao Muhammad Usama

    It would be great if we could see agents time spent in each status separately and collectively. We want to make sure that we know how much time they have spent in each status historically so, we can spend time on focusing on increasing the productivity. 

    If it's possible right now instead of Drill In feature please route to the specific document. Drill in is a good feature but doesn't give the complete idea and a very vague one only. 



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