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  • Jeremy Kendall

    I need guidance on how to update my work in order to accommodate the following restrictions:

    • "If a report has more than 50,000 rows, results are truncated at the first 50,000 rows. Rows that are processed as part of a formula also count toward this limit." -- How do I handle year-over-year volume reports? We receive several thousand tickets every month, and our ticket volume follows a yearly pattern. Aggregating this data involves many, many rows.
    • "Filters: 10" -- We have very flexible dashboards that allow users to find information in many necessary ways. Will there be a user-facing warning when too many filters are selected? Does this limit include filters that are saved in a dashboard-embedded report, but are otherwise not editable via user selection in the dashboard?
    • "Nesting calculated attributes inside of other calculated attributes or metrics is not recommended. Doing so exponentially increases the complexity of the report, resulting in potentially poor performance." -- Zendesk cannot provide all of the metrics that every customer needs. Zendesk acknowledges this, giving customers the ability to create custom fields. Are we not able to create custom metrics on custom fields anymore? This is a HUGE hindrance to our ability to understand our data.
    • "Live dashboards open per account: 100" -- Zendesk still does not allow admins to view every dashboard that exists on their account. How do I know how many dashboards are on our account if some dashboards were never shared with me? Is there a place to view them all? This support thread has been open for two years: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/4409222580634-Admins-should-see-ALL-Dashboards-even-if-not-shared-to-them 
    • "Applied filters on a live dashboard: 5 attribute values per filter" -- Again, we need the ability for end users to explore the data and drill down in order to identify trends and diagnose issues. This often includes selecting more than 5 attribute values in a single filter.
    • "Reports per tab: 35" -- Each KPI counts as its own report. I often insert a KPI beside a visualization for ease of use, so my report limit (report + KPI) will be 17. I would consider re-working the dashboards using the "Change attribute" tool and bookmarking different filter combinations, but there's also a proposed limit on filters, so that's not feasible.

    Thank you for your assistance.

  • Elaine
    Hello Jeremy,
    I hope you're having a good day! I'll go ahead and address each issue one by one for you.
    • To prevent this issue, I recommend creating an annual report if the data for a particular year doesn't exceed 50,000 rows. Additionally, consider using dashboards to consolidate all your data on a single page.
    • If a report exceeds 50,000 rows, you'll encounter an error message stating, "This is a large report, limited to the first 50,000 rows." However, you can add more than 10 filters in both reports and dashboards. It's important to note that this won't impact the dashboard if the filters are either non-editable or hidden.
    • You still have the option to create custom metrics based on custom fields. We advise against nesting calculated attributes within other calculated attributes or metrics, as it may result in slower loading times, although it remains a feasible option.
    • While there hasn't been an official comment from Zendesk on this matter, it is indeed a significant concern. As an admin in Explore, you can view all reports as long as you have grant permission to access custom datasets created by agents. I understand that this solution may not be ideal, but it's currently our best option. The issue has been posted in the product feedback discussion board, where our managers and developers engage with the community. You can track progress with various statuses, and we've already implemented features based on customer feedback and upvotes. Thank you for your patience and input.
    • This guideline applies to live dashboards, and you can utilize more than 5 attribute values.
    • In my test account, I conducted an experiment and found that a single tab can accommodate more than 35 reports.

      Please keep in mind that most of the numbers mentioned in this article are not strict limits but rather recommendations aimed at ensuring optimal dashboard performance. 😊
  • Jeremy Kendall

    Elaine Thanks so much for your help! I appreciate the clarity! Have a great week.


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