Why am I unable to see the full body of an inbound email?

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  • Barbara Eggenhofer


    is there any possibility to better highlight the position where the content gets cut off or give some other kind of hint to check the original email for the rest of the content?

    We also experienced that the content may get cut off at the beginning and there are not even the usual three dots as an indicator, so it really would be a great help to make such behavior more obvious or mark it with a flag in the metadata so it can be detected with scripting.


  • Paolo
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hello Barbara,
    One of the reasons why the contents from an email can be cut off is due to how the mail server/app of the sender is sending it. There might be an add-on in their email app or for some reason, the email was altered on the mail server before reaching Zendesk. 
    Zendesk displays these emails depending on how they were sent. When an email was received on our end, we don't modify it or alter it. Unfortunately, we do not have a feature at the moment to check the original email for the rest of its content. The only way is by using the built-in feature "three dots" to see the whole thread.
    This would be a good feature request though, thanks for sharing your feedback!
    Paolo | Technical Support Engineer | Zendesk

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